Eye Problem? Deal it with Style

By Raid

Wondering how to deal with the vision problem? Of course after an eye checkup, doctor must have prescribed you glasses to correct the vision. But are you confused between prescription glasses and contact lenses? Men too love to look stylish and in such situations they would like to go with contacts, to play safe. Prescription glasses can hamper the personality, if you feel this then you are wrong.

Glasses have a come long way from just being a vision correction device to a fashionable accessory. The myriads of choices in men’s glasses have broke the stereotype. There is a style for every personality, so embrace your vision problem with class. No choice is a problem but unlimited choices can also be a problem, especially for men who are not fond of shopping as such. Don’t worry, don’t drop the plan of looking stylish with glasses, we can help you in making a good choice.

Frames shapes

There are glasses frame style that reflects the tough masculine looks and surely every man will love it. It’s the aviator, clubmaster and double brow bar style frames. These vintage styles are simply timeless, they still look super stylish. They have made a great comeback and are quite popular among the glass wearers. You don’t have to think much while making this choice as you are sure to look dapper.

Bold and handsome

Bold frames are the notable trend these days both among men and women. But faces with smaller structure cannot carry this style of eyewear properly. It will create a well balanced look on men with strong facial features. It can be a total game changer and drastically upgrade your personality. The glasses blend well with suit as well as casuals.

Classic rimless

Most men like to keep it simple and that is why they prefer the subtle and sophisticated rimless frames. The lightweight and comfortable rimless or semi-rimless frames with a dash of metal can say a lot about your personality. The minimalistic style goes well with the professional look and for creating an intellectual fashion statement.

Tortoiseshell frames

If you are the man who want to shout about your style then tortoiseshell frames are just for you. Any shape of glasses in this shade will look attention-grabbing. For the men with strong jawline, this farme style will surely go well creating a contrast effect.

Titanium or metallic frames

Most of the men do not prefer shopping again and again. Titanium or metal frame is one time shopping solution. It’s durable, portable and ultra modern. Metal frames are robust hence they are long lasting and carry a rich feel which makes them classy too. Depending on the shape, they can look retro or contemporary. Round may look vintage whereas rectangle may look leading-edge. Titanium frames are non-corrosive in nature and extremely lightweight that is why it is mostly preferred by the glass wearers.

The incredible selection of eyeglasses is sure to transform your look and make the men out there look more confident.

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