Interesting Marketing Trivia You Must Read Once

Advertising and marketing have become such an essential part of our lives that we are exposed to some sort of promotional activity every single day. Don’t believe us? Then scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feeds, take a trip to the market, or just take a look at your toothbrush. You will come across banners, flyers, signs, logos, content, publicizing the goods and services of different companies.  
Here are some fun facts about marketing that our marketing assignment help experts have jotted down for you:  
1. This is a well-known fact that the world is now run by the internet and recently published marketing study has proved that the influence of the internet is increasing every day. The accessibility is continuously growing throughout the globe which has further changed the way people live. This can be expected in the coming years too in unpredictable ways. You are finding this write-up and reading it is the clear proof of this point.  
2. On 6 July 1941, the first product was advertised on the television which was a watch. This day is marked in the pages of history as the first commercial ad was televised. The brand name was Bulova watches which exists even today.
3. One of the most successful brands ever is Coca-Cola. John Styth Pemberton invented this refreshing drink in 1886. He was an injured war veteran and had an addiction to morphine. This drink was the result of his search for an alternative. However, it was the marketing and advertising experts who made this brand so famous. As a marketing student, you all surely can learn so much from them.
4. On 14 May, 1982, a hamburger chain in St. Louis, White Castle began moving. So, a group in Mexico and the Chamber of Commerce in Fountain Hills, Arizona ordered approximately a million hamburgers to satisfy their cravings. This was the largest takeout order in history. We can’t even imagine how those burgers were cooked, packed and delivered.  
5. Jingles and music have always been a significant part of advertisements and are used by marketing experts to reach the maximum audience. The reason is that a song or musical piece often sticks to our head as an earworm which makes the product popular amongst the potential buyers. One of the best jingle writers is Jake Holmes who composed commercial songs for Kentucky Fried Chicken, US Army, and many others. Yes, sometimes they make you laugh, angry, or sulk, getting your attention in any way is their primary motive.  
6. Have you ever noticed the watch hands in an advertisement for watches? If no, then make sure to pay special heed to them next time. You will observe that most of the time watches are positioned to 10:10 to clearly highlight the name of the brand. Moreover, this also makes the smiley face. The only exception is Apple as it sets the time at 10:09.  
7. A team of researchers has discovered that since 2000, the attention span of an average person has dropped from twelve to eight seconds which is even lower than the attention span of goldfish’ nine-seconds. As the digital world is progressing and trying to unite the world by sharing desired information, the time we are able to concentrate on each of the content has reduced. Well, the good news is the ability of human being to multitask has improved.  
8. Want to know the best way to increase the engagement of users on your social media post? Publish or update it on Thursday. Yes, experts have proved that posting a content toward the end of the week improves the people’s interaction and involvement with it even days after it was posted. The best example of this is food content which is likely to be clicked ten times on Thursdays and Saturdays.  
9. There are numerous marketing acronyms that we use, and one of the most used ones is AIDA which stands for attention, interest, desire, action. This term was coined by E. St. Elmo Lewis and was later backed up by A.F. Shelton. Marketing world will always be thankful to them for establishing the ideas and principles that are widely applied by companies today.  
We hope you enjoyed reading these trivia concerning advertising and marketing and they helped you to get an insight into the competitive and promotional world that we are living in.
Summary: Read this article to know some fun and exciting facts about marketing.
Author’s Bio: Adam Jackson is an academic writer who assists the scholars based in Australia by offering them writing service for their assignments and other scholastic documents.

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