10 Steps to Home Renovation


Summary: Looking to renovate your home? Here are a few steps that you can follow so that you can achieve your objective without any hassles.

Every home renovation project is different. Although they may not exactly work in the same order, you may still want to follow a course that will help you avoid unnecessary work. For instance, you may not want to drill up a wall that has already been closed and painted, only to add in a new plumbing stack that you hadn’t accounted for.

It doesn’t matter what your renovation project involves; there may be a few steps you may have to follow if you want to achieve your objective. Here are 10 such steps you can consider:

Step #1: Have a Plan Ready

A plan is usually a must for constructing a new house. Similarly you can have a plan for renovation too. Determine what you want to renovate. Set your priorities right. Write down everything starting from where to start, what it involves, and what is the kind of timeframe and budget you have in mind. Taking help from a design professional or consulting a structural engineering would do you good if you want to make sure you are not causing any damage to your existing structure.

Step #2: Fix Your Budget

The last thing you would want to do is drain out all your savings on your home renovation. It doesn’t work like that. You will have to assess your needs, set your priorities, and come up with a final amount that you can comfortably spend on your renovation. Do some research on how much a home renovation would cost, keeping in mind the costs of demolition, construction, and interiors. Add in an extra 10 or 20 percent for some unexpected costs. Once you have a budget ready make sure the quotes that you receive for your home renovation project, are well-within this budget.

Step #3: Consult Your Insurance Agent

Contacting your insurance agent would be a wise thing to do if you want to make sure you have all the coverage in place for your renovation project. If you want you can also go for an extended home warranty that can help you keep your peace of mind for as long as you stay in the renovated home. A few such warranty services may even contact you directly via home warranty leads. Make sure you have everything that you need before signing up the contract with any such services.

Step #4: Hire a Contractor

Hiring a contractor to complete your home renovation would be an excellent idea, especially if you don’t have the time to do the running around. Many contractors of the present day offer all services under one roof, that too at competitive pricing. However, you may have to do some research, shortlist a few contractors, and compare their quotes before you decide on the right one. Make sure you define the scope of work before you sign a contract with him.

Step #5. Secure all Permits and Materials

If you don’t want to redo the work you have planned so meticulously you will need all the necessary permits from the local authorities to carry out your renovation. Most of these permits would be obtained by your contractor once you sign the contract with him. Nevertheless, make sure you understand the latest regulations and inspection rules of your location before you go ahead. You may also want to do some homework on the kind of materials you want your contractor to use in your renovation project.

Step #6: Start Demolition

After the site has been inspected and the materials arrived, it is time for demolition. You may want to frame if you want to add some extra space to your home. And if any walls are being moved, you may want to see if you need to install any new windows or doors. Considering the amount of work involved in the home renovation project, this stage shouldn’t take too long.

Step #7: Work behind the Walls

Make room for plumbing, electrical, air conditioning rough-ins, and heating behind the walls, underneath the floors or above the ceilings before you complete your home renovation project. You don’t want wires lying around or uncovered or patchy holes in the wall once your renovation is complete. Pay attention to every single detail and then make your decision.

Step #8: Painting and Flooring

Painting and Flooring are the two most important things in every house. It gives the house a personality of its own. Do your homework well and make sure you choose the right stuff for painting and flooring. Find out from your contractor what he would like to do first. Most contractors would want to complete the flooring first before taking up painting. Or if they want to avoid spills on the new flooring, they may want to do the prime and paint first. Finally it all depends on the schedules of the contractor.

Step #9: Cabinetry

Home renovation is not just about adding walls and rooms. It is also about creating more comfortable spaces. You would need storage and a lot of them. So plan your cabinets well, measure your spaces, and get those cabinets installed the way you want, before finishing up with your renovation. Make sure the upper cabinets are done before the carpenter starts work on the lower ones. One thing you don’t want to do in home renovation is compromise on quality. So make sure it is all done well.

Step #10: Add Finishing Touches

Even after the renovation is complete in all aspects there will always be scope for some finishing touches, whether they are about decorations, paintings, backsplashes, light fixtures, hardware, floor sealing or any other touch-up. Make sure everything is perfect, just the way you want. If needed get an interiors specialist to have a look at the renovated home. He may be able to suggest a few things that you may not have thought of.

Make sure you take time to enjoy your new surroundings once your renovation project is complete. Try not to hurry things up as far as possible.


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