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Have you ever had that moment where your brain just went blank? Some call it a brain burp! Of course we all know the old saying - "the memory is the first, or is it the second, thing to go. Cervello Brain Booster

Do you have a hard time remembering names, 5 minutes after you just met someone? How about a TV show that you just sat down to watch and was surprised that it finished an hour ago. These are all common occurrences.These things built up over time and you really need to consider your brain heath; you need to keep it sharp, even into advanced age.

A clear head (brain & memory) is very important and the fact that we all are getting older and there are a bunch of factors that come into play, i.e. decreased circulation, how about possible free radical damage and maybe your diet is not the healthiest in the world. All these plus vitamin deficiencies add up to possible decreased brain function.

If you want to stay sharp, then you can do it with ease. Now I know for sure if you had some issues in the bedroom you would look into solving the problem immediately. I feel you are probably a guy like me, you will do whatever is necessary to get whatever results are necessary. Have you ever though about the fact that you have never really heard of people keeping their brains healthy? Yes I know we all know about Alzheimer's but usually that happens and we here about it. In the past we never heard about an Alzheimer's prevention. Now we are starting to here about it, but only recently.

I know you don't want to be one of the sheep that just follow everybody else and do nothing. I want to explain about some products that keep that brain of yours like a 20-year old. I started looking into it and here is what I found.


A fantastic brain fuel is ALC (acetyl l-carnitine). This substance is very similar to an amino acid and is absolutely necessary in producing the primary chemicals that the brain needs to function clearly and this includes your memory, above all else. There have been some human trials of men and women over the age of 65 with ALC and the bottom line is that the group on ALC performed a lot better than the ones on a placebo. This was a 3-month trial on tests of their memory, verbal fluency and attention.

The whole idea behind this is that one type of fatty acid is high in phosphorus. The chemical name is phosphatidylserine, but let's just call it PS. What PS does is it maintains the ability of all the mini-computers in our brain to communicate with each other. And believe me if computers don't talk to one another we are in deep trouble. Same with our brains. Some scientists think that PS will save our existing memories and maybe help us form new ones.

Now there was published the results of another clinical trial of 149 "elderly" patients, aged 50 to 75. They received PS over a 3-month period and when compared to the placebo group, the PS group was graded excellent, above average for their age in terms of memory, name recall, learning and concentration.

In my research while looking for nutrients that would further assist in the improvement of brain function but from another aspect. I found this amazing nutrient called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). It's an omega-3 essential fatty acid. Omega-3s are known for support of a healthy heart. They also boost your immune system and assist in maintaining healthy joints. I also found that DHA has a lot to do with improved brain function. Believe it or not DHA also is required by the retinas and is necessary in maintaining a healthy sperm count.


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