How Can We Fight The Battle Against Cancer?

As soon as we hear about cancer we get dead scared. But do we also know that we can cure it? By getting little awareness about this disease we can help people around us managing this deadly disease.Before helping others, we must get familiarise with this illness.


This can be done in many ways as follows:-

  • Attending cancer awareness programs - Many organizations conduct cancer awareness programs time and again. Through their workshops, they make people aware of various types of cancers. And what can be done to prevent it? These sessions are conducted throughout India and usually free of cost. As a health conscious individual one must attend these seminars. Not only can it help in preventing it but we can win the battle against cancer as well.


  • Doing little Lifestyle modifications - One of the major reason of cancer is related to our lifestyle. We may be working or partying late hours. Also eating any junk. All these may not have any immediate effect. But it can impact us later. At times it may result in cancer as well.


  • Regular Workouts - Any kind of exercise can not only keep us fit but prevent many critical illnesses as well. One such deadly disease that can be avoided through the workout is cancer. We can do any kind of exercise to keep us fit. It can be going to the gym; attending yoga or doing aerobics. Alternative ly we can also try going for Zumba classes or participate in Marathons. Whatever form of exercise we may choose we need to be consistent. Going thrice a week at least for 30 minutes is good to keep us healthy.

  • Going for regular checkups - We must do all the medical tests bi-annually. It can always assist us in early detection of any form of illness. We can take some good packages of the companies that can offer good discounts. At times we may be entitled to get some corporate discounts as well.


  • Buying Cancer Insurance Plans - Last but not the least this is the best solution to protect us from cancer. This is because good Insurance plan covers all expenses from day one. It can prevent us from any kind of financial crisis.


 How to cure cancer ?

As we know prevention is better than cure. We can avoid this disease to a certain extent by taking some precautions. However, at times, it may not be in our hands. That times best thing to handle it is by proper treatment. That can be done with Cancer Insurance plan as well.


Cancer Insurance Plan can help us in managing these diseases in many ways as follows.

  • Arranging required funds.

  • Awareness programs

  • Facilitating Cashless Treatments

  • Covering person immediately

  • Expert Advise


An insurance company and their features

There are some of the leading players that can also help in curing and managing this deadly disease. They are as follows.


1. ICICI Pru Cancer Plan

2. Apollo Munich Cancer plan

3. Future Generali Cancer plan

4. Max Life Cancer Insurance

5. HDFC Life Cancer Insurance plan

6. Bharati Axa Cancer

7. BSLI Cancer Shield Plan


Some of their common features are as follows:-


Free Lookup Period-  Every company gives us a grace period of 15 to 30 days. If for any reason we are not sure of continuing the policy that we can cancel it.


Flexibility in payments -  We can make payments in easy installments of monthly, bi-annually or yearly.


Tax Benefits-  We can save our taxes as per the applicable law.


Eligibility-  Anyone from 25 to 65 years of age can take this plan.


Policy term - Policy term varies between 10 to 40 years.

We must take all steps to sageguard ourselves from any such deadly diseases. This can be done by following above steps.

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