The appeal of the new-age smoking device, IQOS

By Lenora

Tobacco smoking is among the typical practices of mankind. The process of smoking tobacco leaves isn't new. The advancement of science and technology is actually changing the lives over the years and also the discovery of vaporizers for tobacco smoking is actually an inovative idea. IQOS heets is specially designed to provide you with a different smoking experience. Probably the most harmful thing about smoking is actually the unsafe chemical substances produced by the combustion of tobacco leaf, although the new IQOS will help to smoke tobacco without any fire. It's a special heated product and that might heat up to 350 degrees and does not include any fire, ash or perhaps smoke.


  • The special vaporizer is a flavourful nicotine-containing vapour that gives a delightful smoking experience.
  • The taste of warmed tobacco is different and the experience lasts for 6 to 7 minutes in general. You can get around 14 puffs which are fairly equal to one cigarette.
  • IQOS heets are specially developed to provide you with a different smoking experience with zero burning up.
  • Recent scientific studies revealed smokers who use IQOS device for smoking, lowers the health consequences in a good means. Regular smokers also can stop the unsafe consequences of smoking with the assistance of IQOS vaporizers.


In spite of numerous negative health effects, the habit of smoking is deemed to be cool in numerous locations. The acceptance of vaporizers is rapidly increasing among the smokers and quite a few reports and research have revealed its advantages. In this article we are compiling the benefits of vaporizers that will enable you to to decide which is better for the health of yours.

  • The expression IQOS stands for I quit the first cigarette'. The expression was initially applied by Philip Morris International and the best brand name also remarked that the future is smoke free. The improvements of technology and progress has helped us to enhance the life of ours with safer tools and e cigarettes and IQOS are safer than the original cigarette.
  • Smoke-free tobacco heating products have been distributed across the global market and today you are able to see a great assortment of merchandise throughout the market. Tobacco heating device acquired 10 % of the global tobacco industry single handedly in the latest years.
  • Users also have rated it as a great smoking product as it can provide a delightful smoking experience to the smokers however, they've also disclosed that regular smokers may find it less effective as it does not taste as a cigarette and often a number of smokers tend to smoke more.

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The usage and also the acceptance of vaporizers are quickly increasing although several scientific tests have revealed that the item isn't entirely harmless as it promises. They have highlighted the requirement of safety testing of that tobacco heating devices.

IQOS products are out there across the planet along with a sizeable number of individuals are trying to use it. Some men and women have also complained that polymer-film within the vaporizer can be melt due to the too much heat; however, it must have additional studies to confirm the negative health consequences and disadvantages. If you're trying to find IQOS cigarette to buy, this article will be helpful for you.

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