Eyelashes Extension – the Crystal Reflections of Inner Beauty

Eyelashes Extension – the Crystal Reflections of Inner Beauty

Every female has a unique inner beauty which gets reflected through the eyelashes extension she wears every day. As a dedicated beautician you have the responsibility of making the most ordinary eyes sparkle with the brightness of crystals. You can achieve your goals with the latest collection of natural eyelashes extension available online. Before you start shopping for the best you need to know certain basic parameters of selection based on the structure, colour and texture of your client’s eyelashes and of course her sparkling eyes. If you observe the eye shapes of your clients closely you will be able to determine the right type of eyelashes extension.

Eyelashes Extension – The Shape of the Eyes

  • Almond Eyes: -  A section of the iris is hidden within the eyelids for almond eyed females. The eyes themselves may be up or down turned with perfect oval shape. The recommended type is  longer eyelashes extension right at the centre of the eyes This creates a feeling of depth and width that are natural for a model.
  • Round Eyes: -  The eyes have a perfect circle shape with slightly extended eyebrow and eyelashes. The recommended extension for the eyelashes needs to be longer near the external corner of the eyes They can highlight the eyes and enhance their depth.
  • Deeper eyes: -  Thebrow bonelooks more prominent and the eyes are typically large. The recommended extension is full set which can enhance the inner beauty hidden in the depths of the eyes.
  • Protruding eyes: -  The perfectly curved lash line forms the crease with the lower lids forming a deep shadow like projection. The recommended eyelashes extension is the J curl shape. This creates a feeling of elongation in the horizontal directions. You may also apply the Soft B-curl shape which suits these eyes.
  • Asian eyes: -   The moment somebody talks of Asian eyes, the popular image is those of Chinese eyes. But as you can see there are Indian eyes, Afghan eyes and many more. The most recommended extensions are the B curls which make up the shorter hooded lids. If the crease are naturally visible you can go for C curl. Most of the Indian eyes look prettier with a softer J curl.
  • Mono-lid eyes :- The distancebetweenthe two eyes is relatively longer compared to the others. The recommended eyelashes extension is B curl or C curl which tend to be thicker at the centre.
  • C-curls are most recommended for open eye types as they have natural tendency of giving natural looks to such eye shape.
  • L-curls are normally recommended for eyes with downward growing lashes.
  • D-curls are recommended for deeper eyes which help in opening them up to the external world.
  • LD-curls are mostly recommended for round eyes with  downward growing lashes as they can enhance the exterior appearance of the yes naturally.

Eyelashes Extension – The Curl Types and the Crystal Reflections of Inner Beauty

When you are working at the professional level, office, venues, events, you might get many more ideas about improvising on the listed eyelashes extension here.



​Women are smart, tough, independent, full of beauty, confident and VERY busy. Sometimes, things happen that can cause us to stray away from our natural selves. Brows, something so subtle, yet can do so much to our confidence and beauty. From over-plucking, tiredness of countless hours drawing, born with lack of brows or just less than perfect, we have a solution! Microblading will give you the look you deserve to match your personality. At Spades Beauty, we create THICKER, FULLER and more DEFINITION to your brows.

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