Enterprise Mobile Application Development: The Business Advantage

By John

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for the next competitive edge. Here’s how Enterprise Mobile application development can give you yours.

The unprecedented rise in smartphone usage is an undeniable truth of the 21st century. In a recently published report, Statista projected the number of smartphone users worldwide to reach a whopping 2.87 billion by the year 2020. This extensive user base has quickly turned the smartphone from being a mere communications device to a major outreach channel. This is an aspect of smartphones that businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Top Advantages of Enterprise Mobile Application Development:

Rise in Customer Engagement:

Enterprise Mobile application development can work wonders for a business from a customer engagement perspective. Since your targeted customer base is always available on their iPhones, you can directly communicate with your target audience. However, the trick here lies in the UI and UX design. A well-designed Enterprise Mobile app can greatly increase user interaction. Enterprise Mobile application development also allows you to relay important information to your customers. This can be done through push notifications and in-app actions.

Improving Brand Loyalty:

One of the greatest advantages of Enterprise Mobile application development Services and deployment for businesses is the scope for improving your customers’ brand loyalty. Customer retention is the paramount objective for any business in a competitive market space. Keeping this mind, a greater engagement can lead to a greater chance of brand loyalty from your customers. A proper execution of an Enterprise Mobile app grants a significant value addition to the product or service you provide. Through a well strategized Enterprise Mobile application development and deployment roadmap, you can make your brand stand out in a competitive landscape.

Improve Employee Productivity:

Deploying an Enterprise Mobile app for your business can effectively improve your employee productivity. In fact, employee productivity can increase by as much as 30% through enterprise mobility. Implementing performance management tools during the Enterprise Mobile application development process helps improve the overall employee productivity. However, while moving to an Enterprise Mobile application to boost productivity, it is important to consider the security of the devices due to the sensitive information that will be accessed by them.

Apple’s Promise to Improve the Business Experience:

With the release of Enterprise Mobile 9, Apple promised a better business experience for companies undertaking Enterprise Mobile application development. This includes a host of new features on their devices such as new app kits and multitasking capabilities. In addition to this, Apple addressed a major Enterprise Mobile app deployment issue through their VPP (Volume Purchase Program) Managed Distribution. Administrators can now assign desired apps to specific devices.


The Advantage of Analytical:

Having an Enterprise Mobile app to back your business can help your capture real-time business analytics. Through extensive customer use, you not only receive valuable feedback but information on the application’s usage. This can help you provide your customers with a customized experience and help you improve brand value in the process.

In a world continuously moving towards the next step of evolution with technology as an enabler, having a mobile app not only keeps you on par but also gives you the much-needed edge over your competition.


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