Zimmerman Helps Family in Car Crash
Four days later, he was acquitted of murder, George Zimmerman came out of retirement to help a family out of a vehicle overturned in Florida, authorities Monday said.

Zimmerman and another man helped four people out of a SUV who had overthrown Wednesday night in Sanford, the same community where the former neighborhood watch volunteer shot teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012, Bureau spokeswoman Heather Smith Sheriff of Seminole County said.

People who call 911 described a dramatic scene: an SUV lost control in the field of Interstate 4 and State Road 46, flipping sideways and slide into a median period.

Several interlocutors said they saw people helping a family trapped inside the overturned SUV, according to recordings released by the Sheriff's Office.

"" There were tons of smoke... the people began rushing toward the vehicle, "an interlocutor said..

"They had everyone out of the car", reported another caller. About a minute later, the caller said, it seemed that the vehicle was catching fire.

When a Deputy arrived, Zimmerman and another man had already helped two adults and two children out of the vehicle, said Smith.

Zimmerman was not witness to the accident, and he left after having made contact with the Deputy, said Smith. No injuries were reported in the accident.

Zimmerman has been out of sight of the public since a jury said not guilty of second degree murder on 13 July. His parents told ABC News last week that his family had received a "huge amount of death threats."

He was shot Martin in the Sanford area where the father of Martin Zimmerman and lived in February 2012. Zimmerman, who is of Hispanic descent, had a confrontation with unarmed African-American adolescents after calling police to report a suspicious person, and he said that he shot Martin in self-defence.

The case became a flashpoint in the debate on racial profiling, and thousands attended vigils across the country in the course of the weekend, denouncing the verdict.

Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for the legal defense of George Zimmerman team, said when Zimmerman spoke with his lawyers Friday, the wreck of the car was not raised.

The defence team, Vincent said, heard first talk about the involvement of Zimmerman when media surfaced Monday.
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