8 Website Design Trends To Look Out For In 2018

It is well said that every site is designed, but only those shines that stand out from the rest. This is the era where businesses need to make their websites in such a proficient manner that it talks to their clients. With every day’s changing technology, users are expecting more and more from their online experience. So the fundamental question that strikes our mind is: how to make a vibrant web design? To create an everlasting visual impact for visitors is the primary key to reach most of the client.

Let us look into the eight website design trends to look out for in 2018:

  1. Bold, Big and Creative Typography.
  2. Mobile Responsive Designs.
  3. Selective Theme of Colors.
  4. Dynamic Grid Creative Design.
  5. Magnificent Particle Background.
  6. Illustrations and Animations.
  7. Depth drop Shadows.
  8. Pulsating Gradients.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started:

1. Bold, Big and Creative Typography.

Typography is the powerful asset in the web design industry. Bold is the new black when it’s the call to action designing in the website trend 2018. It’s all about the creative explosion when it comes to communicating on the web through creative Typography. The bold typefaces are ruling the roost as it is used to arouse emotion, build a brand personality or provide a lot of useful information. Use of large letters enabled with vibrant images, and bold typefaces help create a character.

2. Mobile Responsive Designs:

Do you know? Over 40 percent of the population of the world will own a smartphone by 2020 according to a renowned scientific research organization, Statista. Most of the people use smartphones than desktop for web surfing. So, the year 2018 is a batting year for the web designers to give their customers the most satisfying and standard experience in their web products with a high priority on mobile designs.

3. Selective Theme of Colours:

We love various shades of colors. A landing web page design made up of the particular theme of colors looks appealing to the client and keeps them longer on the website even if they never intended. Uninteresting and shabby colors can be irritating and can minimize the time clients spend browsing on a site. 2018 is the year for web designers to experiment with different colors online because no one is now interested in browsing a red text on a black background.

4. Dynamic Grid Creative Design:

2017 was the year when web designers used to use unconventional (broken) and asymmetrical grid layouts while 2018 is the year to experiment with these layouts, to make it even more robust, distinct and unique. Dynamic grid creative design is something that web designers are using to create a unique experience for their users exploring the out-of-the-box ideas.

5. Magnificent Particle Background.

On the one hand, where video backgrounds are appealing and look extraordinary to the customers, on the other side, no web user would like the idea of spending so much time waiting for a web page to load. Do not panic, relax. Particle background is the solution. It allows a natural creation of movements as part of the environment as they constitute lightweight JavaScript. Every web design aims to have intuitive, fast loading web pages so that users can enjoy their browsing experience.

6. Illustrations and Animations:

An image speaks much better than thousand words. But now the static image is out of the trend. However, an illustration and animation can do much. We designers are innovating new ways to use illustration and animations in place of static images. For user engagement in their entire experience with a web page also, illustrations are much effective.

7. Depth drop Shadows:

In various web technologies, depth drop shadows have been a standard feature as they are a simple building block of web design. But now 2018 is the year in which web designers are experimenting with various combinations of variations in their web products to enhance web design. They are mixing up the shadows to create depth illusions which offer their users a thrilling experience as they interact with the web.

8.Pulsating Gradients:

The use of one color in the designs in flat designs is fading. Gradients from pure colors are giving rise to edge-cutting gradient vibrancies with which designers are shaping the web and attracting a considerable engagement of users. It will forever revolutionize the internet with its 3D effect.

Time to Sum up:

These all eight website designs discussed above are trending for the year 2018. It is a year for the designers to experiment and give the users the best of all.

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