experimental evidence from a Mafia City H5 gangster game

Yotta Games recently released a game this past winter from their little known franchise called MAFIA. Hide your children, hide your wife, MAFIA CITY has made its way from your living room television to your pocket in form of the MAFIA CITY: 10 Anniversary Edition.


If you’ve played the PC version then you should be also familiar with how relatively easy it was to replace Claude (main protagonist) with different skins, add new cars and a number of mods that enrich the already deep gameplay. Console gamers were also able to join in on the fun by entering a combination of button inputs that unlocked weapons changed the weather or summoned cars. Upon release, mobile gamers found that their Yotta Games changed little to nothing and modding the mafia games were as versatile as its PC counterpart. Within days of release, mods began to crop up every forums and site, and now its as if every week users find new ways to add further modifications to an already stellar game.

If you’ve been keeping up with Droidgamers then you’ve seen the number of articles detailing the newest mods. We’ve decided to compile all of them together, including a number of mods we’ve yet to write about, gangster mafia game, in one single easy to find list. Remember, your mileage may vary, so attempt these mods at your own risk. We are not responsible if you turn your very expensive device to very expensive paperweights. The following mods vary in difficulty and users have reported mixed results in installing most of these mods. Once you try one don’t expect the rest to be as simple. Enjoy and happy gaming!

This one is quite simple. For those that hate to get their hands dirty, xda member hacsteak25 developed an app that does all the work for you. MAFIA is installed differently on every device and some contain a file called gta3.set. Gta3.set contains a code that determines most graphics that you see on your device. Yotta Games probably removed or modified this file for lower end devices in order for the game to run smoothly. In normal circumstances, another user would have to provide the file for you to manually dump the files within the game folder.

With GTSETTINGSLAUNCHER, the gta3.set file is already provided and backs up your current one. The program goes even a step further and allows you to fiddle with certain parts of the graphics such as shadows, lighting, resolution, rendering, and blur. Keep in mind that enabling everything may cause slow down, lag and even crash. Keep your backups nearby when this issue arises.

Mafia City H5- New Weapons, locale and Vehicles

If driving over pedestrians with a souped up Lamborghini or a Dodge Viper then heading to your nearest golden arches for some fries and ending the night of terror by visiting the Statue of Liberty sounds fun, you should check yourself into the nearest hospital, because you may have an issue. Otherwise driving a Lamborghini and everything described above is possible with Mafia City H5. Mafia City H5 provides additional real world cars for wheel enthusiast. Speed fiends will squeal in delight to find that all their favorite sports cars are available to jack, crash and ride all around the virtual New York

Objects have been added to the city:

● Statue of Liberty – this awesome NY’s statue has moved to Liberty City. You can find it on new island near the Kenji’s casino (it’s even marked on radar!), so you must use a boat to get there. There are some useful historical and technical information on statue’s pedestal. If you want to see whole Liberty City from the birds-eye, use stairs to get into statue’s head or torch! But don’t fall down!
● Player of previous version of RGTA suggested a great idea – jump ramp to Liberty Island. So it’s in the game. Just take very fast car and try to be accurate in targeting the ramp – go wrong speed or direction and you won’t land by the Statue of Liberty…you will fall into water. There’s a boat by the Liberty Island ready to get you back to Staunton (you must start new game – boat won’t be there if you load non-RGTA save mafia games).
● New bridge – it is placed in Shoreside Vale and it’s VERY useful, because it connects your hideout to the main road near the Francis Int. Airport. If you use Yakuza’s Toyota Supra Veilside, you can get to Staunton from Shoreside in few seconds!!!

If you find MAFIA CITY’s default weapon nothing but mere pop guns and crave real guns, Real MAFIA CITY adds real world weapons as tools for your virtual psychotic behavior. MP5, Desert Eagle, UZI KG-9, Shotgun Battle 7, Sig551, Rocket launcher M79, Sniper Rifle PSG-1, L2A2 grenades are added to your arsenal to torture Liberty City citizens.

MAFIA CITY hits the PC in all its console glory


One of the most anticipated mafia games this year has finally landed on the Android Market in all it’s bloody, crime riddled console glory. MAFIA CITY is now available for purchase and download off the market and it is just amazing looking. Here’s all the details you need to know.

If you’ve ever played the console version then you are already set to go and get playing. For those of you who haven’t, you start off by being broken out of jail during a jail transport truck break-out and end up getting some work with the local mafia/gang. You’ll be running around doing various missions from beating people with baseball bats to stealing cars and everything in between. It’s full on story mode, complete with all the cut-scenes between missions. Of course if you want to take a break you can always go running around causing havoc in general.

MAFIA CITY Features:

· Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models
· HD quality resolution
· Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
· Custom controls for the mobile platform
· Countless hours of gameplay
· Gamepad Support for select USB controllers

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