Brief Overview of the Microblading History and the Evolution


​Women are smart, tough, independent, full of beauty, confident and VERY busy. Sometimes, things happen that can cause us to stray away from our natural selves. Brows, something so subtle, yet can do so much to our confidence and beauty. From over-plucking, tiredness of countless hours drawing, born with lack of brows or just less than perfect, we have a solution! Microblading will give you the look you deserve to match your personality. At Spades Beauty, we create THICKER, FULLER and more DEFINITION to your brows.

Brief Overview of the Microblading History and the Evolution

According the historians the earliest Microblading techniques were used by the Chinese thirty thousand years ago. The technique was said to be mainly used for hunting and self survival methods during drought seasons. The methods were slowly developed into the art of skin and beauty care during the past few centuries. Modernization of the Microblading methods started around 250 to 30 years ago. The first used elements were quartz, silica stones and other non metallic forms. Today the utilization of high end needles and computer controlled handheld devices has revolutionized the processes.

 Microblading – Evolution of Tools

  The evolution of Microblading tools from the origin has been prominent in the late 1990s. Ever since the technology landed in the Americas and Europe, the cosmetologists have been on the research spree for reducing injuries and pain, enhancing pigmentation effects, stabilizing the pigment concentration, preventing fading, speeding up healing and improving quality of pigments.

  • Pigment Quality: - The earlier pigments used by the Chinese were basically light by nature. They might have suited the skin tone of the women over there. The selection of ingredients was mainly from herbal species. Many experiments were conducted to match the combination of these ingredients to keep them skin friendly. The cosmetologists in Europe and Americas have adopted the procedures for pigment preparation and advanced them. Today the combination of herbal ingredients with other natural and manmade skin friendly elements has revolutionized the Microblading procedures. The experts are able to produce a wide range of colors and tints for the Microblading pigments which last longer and stay brighter.
  • Tooling Technology: - The Microblading tools have evolved from silica stones and quartz to the most advanced medical needles of varying dimensions. The preparation of Microblading needles takes many sets of deliberate processes by the cosmetic tools manufacturers. They are supported by the medical and cosmetology experts at every stage of device and tools development. The aim is to reduce the probability and intensity of wounds on the skin surface and within the layers.
  • Artistic Strokes: - The Microblading methods produce best results for facial makeup when multidimensional designs are used. They are essentially created by artists specializing in permanent makeup procedures. The creation of designs through the artistic strokes can be customized according to many available patters. Make sure you go through the photographic gallery of available designs to select the best and the most suited once. The flawless blending of creative designs with your existing eyebrows makes the Microblading a specialization. This can be called as the unique combination of cosmetology, art and technology to produce the most stunning body art. The main benefit of Microblading is it produces long term makeup without negative side effects.  
  • Avoid Side Effects: - The procedures used to avoid the probable negative side effects of Microblading are to be followed strictly. The first sets of procedures are followed by the cosmetologist during the preparation and application of the Microblading. She advises you about the next sets of procedures to be followed after the completion of Microblading treatment.
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