Best Methods to Get Multi Dimensional Eyebrow Designs though Microblade Technology

Best Methods to Get Multi Dimensional Eyebrow Designs though Microblade Technology

Microblading is a fairly new technique of cosmetic tattooing in the U.S. but has been around for a long time in Europe and Asia. This is a Semi-Permanent cosmetic tattoo lasting 12-18 months. This technique creates thin, precise and beautiful strokes to imitate our natural brows. Thus, providing the perfect solution to create natural looking brows. This is achieved by a small hand tool with very tiny micro-blades, giving the perfect hair-like strokes every time. ​​

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The unique method of Microblade applications involves analyzing the anatomy of eyebrows, facial skin, eyes and the makeup requirements in depth. This includes single dimensional to multidimensional designs extending up to 6D. The natural enhancement in color, texture, aesthetic appearance and beauty are brought in by the application of precision tools, painless methods and skin friendly ingredients. Most of the Microblade treatments are complete within two sessions with the cosmetologist. She takes special measures to test your skin and adjust the ingredients which produce long lasting results without negative side effects.

Microblade Step1 – Profiling and Procedures

  • Anatomy Analysis: - Analyzing the skin anatomy is the first important step in the Microblade application. The expert uses advanced analysis tools to scan the epidermis and the dermis layers, and the roots of the hair. The result gives the detailed information about the existing skin pigmentation type, health conditions of cells and tissues, collagen concentration and other related data. The expert uses this data to formulate the Microblade procedures, pigment selection and skin protection mechanism.
  • Microblade Tools: - The basic tool used in Microblade application is the handheld device which can host multiple needles of different shapes and sizes. One set of pins are meant for injecting the natural pigment while the others are used for their distribution within the skin layers. Fading of natural pigments before reaching the dermis layer is an important criterion considered during the Microblade application. The expert uses the most effective concentration (determined during analysis) to pigment the skin cells and tissues.
  • Protection Measures: - The cosmetologist handling Microblade procedure takes every possible measure to prevent contagion elements from getting accumulated. This procedure requires the elimination of toxic elements like cholesterol, unhealthy fat and other negative elements. Once the expert is able to complete these procedures, your eyebrow skin and the surrounding cells and tissues are prepared to accept the natural pigments.
  • Microblade Procedures: - The Microblade procedures are applied on the pre created by the expert. The designs are prepared with the help of tools like the eye-brow pencil. Then the expert fills the Microblade device with the natural pigment ink and starts working on pigment injection. The expert uses a controlling device supported by a computer for optimizing the volume of pigments. By the end of procedures she cleans up the external skin and applies healing elements to the red patches on the skin layers. You will be able to resume your normal life within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Microblade Step 2- After Treatment Care

 The responsibility of taking preventive care after Microblade treatment is to be done according to expert’s guidelines.

  • You need to avoid moisture, sweat and other contaminants from accumulating near or on the eyebrows.
  • You have to apply the medicated lotion/cream on the treatment areas according to guidelines. Avoid water sports, exposure to steam, tanning, UV treatments, exposure to dust etc. Avoid consumption of alcohol, nicotine and other addictive substances for a few weeks (according to expert advice) to get the best results from Microblade eyebrow beautification.
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