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Somulin.  The fact is it does not mean that it is good for you just because the product is natural. There are many herbs and roots that are natural, but that would be poisonous if you ingested them! This is an extreme example, but the point is that everything natural isn't good for you.

Another reason why herbal sleep aids might not be good for you is that they don't treat the condition they only treat the symptoms. Another example might be if you started fanning the smoke that comes from flames. While you are using a method of clearing away some of the bothersome smoke, you aren't taking care of the fire.

A third reason why herbal sleep aids might not be good for you, is because they can be addictive. This will now add to your issues, because your body will build up a tolerance to the product. It will crave it at the same time.

So that you can finally have a good nights sleep, you need a product that will help you learn good sleep habits. You don't need to treat symptoms. How do we get rid of the problem altogether?

Insomnia has become a common occurrence across the globe, with several people suffering from sleepless nights, irrespective of gender, age, location, etc. Drugs and medication recommended by a consultant or physician come to the mind as a first solution for insomnia.At this stage, it is vital to take into account herbal products or herbal medication that has proved to be effective in resulting in a blissful sleep, and curing insomnia completely in some cases.

Herbal sleep aids are manufactured from naturally available components such as leaves, roots, herbs, shrub flowers, fruit extracts, plant oil, and even the bark of trees. Such herbal aids tend to have a direct biochemical reaction with the body, and work differently from prescribed drugs. Herbal sleep aids are very effective in curing the effects of insomnia completely, and most medical practitioners agree that herbal sleep is without any side effects.

Here, we will explore some of the well known herbal medications that can help get a peaceful herbal sleep, thus relaxing the mind and body. Valerian root is a commonly used herbal sleep aid. This consumed in the form of a capsule prepared after combination with flower oils. Alternatively, valerian tincture can be mixed with hot water and drunk before bedtime. Chamomile is a herb that is better consumed as tea. It has very gentle effect and pleasant taste. It can also be combined with other herbs in minimal quantities.

Other commonly used herbal aids include Kava Kava, Lemon balm, passion flower, Hops, and the commercially available St. John's Wort. There are certain guidelines to using these herbal aids. Some of them have proved to cause minor side effects if not used properly and in the wrong quantities. For people allergic to certain herbs, or for use with pregnant women, extra care should be taken. Several herbal and ayurvedic consultants are available from whom advice can be obtained as to which herbal remedy should be chosen depending upon the condition of sleeplessness.

In simplest terms, sleep is a physical state in which the body lacks significant consciousness and the mind is in a relaxed state with minimal response to surrounding events and stimuli as all sensory muscles are at ease. However, for people suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders, proper sleep does not produce the desired results which ultimately lead to degradation of body health.

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