Helpful Tips for Finding Government Jobs for Your Sanitation Business

Helpful Tips for Finding Government Jobs for Your Sanitation Business


Whether you are just starting off in the vacuum truck industry, or if you are looking for a new way to bolster business, now is a great time to start picking up government work. Portable sanitation contracts are always available, but you just need to know where to look so you can place your bid.

For this type of work, look no further than your local, regional, or state government offices or departments. When it comes to government contract work, everyone is on the same playing field. This is also why it’s so appealing to new business honors.


Saving Money

It’s no secret - the government wants to contract whatever it can at the most cost-saving and efficient price possible. While you should always bid what you’re worth and know your value, this can be advantageous for smaller companies, as they have less overhead. Thanks to this, you have the potential to be able to put in a bid that is cheaper but still allows you to turn a profit.


Getting Started

 So how do you find these government jobs? The same place you read reviews for restaurants or book hotels: on the internet.

 Find Your Market - Look around your area or region. Are there any municipalities that you would be interested in working for? Somewhere close, but that may be underserviced? This would be an excellent time to scout out any low-hanging fruit.

 Bookmarks - Once you’ve made that determination, get on each city’s website. There, you should locate the ‘Purchasing’ page. Save time for the future and bookmark each page for quick reference. Or, you can keep track of the information on an Excel spreadsheet or Word document.

Register - Some offices or websites may even give you the option to register as a vendor. If so, add your name to the list right away! Getting your name on any sort of list will also help you stay in the loop and keep up with changes.

Make a Connection - Whether you can register as a vendor or not, one thing you will want to do is make a personal connection with the key people involved in making those decisions. Do a little research on the website and send out an introductory email and then save their contact info for your own records.

Timing Matters - Most major contracts are made in the first quarter of the year, almost immediately after the yearly budgets have been approved. However, don’t be discouraged if you miss that window! More opportunities are sure to present themselves throughout the year as things pop up.


Stay Persistent

 We know it can get discouraging, especially if you can’t pick up a contract right away. Government is a slow-moving entity, however, and these things take time. Start off by offering small bids and then earning your merit and working your way up. This will earn you a good reputation and allow you to not only grab jobs more frequently but also, the potential to charge more for them.


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