5 Facts About Pursuing Higher Education from the UK

The United Kingdom is a small country in Western Europe that is located at the north-western coast of the European mainland. At present, it is the second best educational destination in the world, offering a large number of traditional and advanced degrees in various subjects. As per a survey, it currently attracts one in every nine international students. With its world-class universities like Oxford and Cambridge, it boasts a long and flourishing history of education. The country drew 480,000 international scholars during 2012-2013. Well, if you are a prospective bachelor’s or a master’s student, then you should consider studying in the UK. Find out how the higher education system in this nation is distinct in comparison with the U.S., Canada, Australia and Asian countries.  
1.The UK is a good fit for students who want to focus on one subject
Unlike other countries, the education system of UK requires students to take a deep dive into their subject rather than studying a variety of courses before getting a fix on a major. Here scholars apply for a specific subject, rather than the university itself. And, this is why a lot of scholars who want to explore their knowledge in a particular field choose to study in this nation.  
2. Students can go for a common application system

The best thing about the university admission process in the U.K. is that you need not apply for each college, rather you can go for the U.K.'s Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, called UCAS. The application form will require you to mention the grades, and write a personal essay explaining the reasons for choosing the specialization.  
3. The U.K. universities can save students money and time

The tuition fee in the U.K ranges from 9000 to 15000 pound per year depending on the course that you have chosen. While the fee is almost equivalent to colleges across the U.S and Australia, what makes it reasonable is the fact that most programs in this country award bachelor's degrees after three years. That means international students can save a year's worth of tuition. What else, the nation also funds many scholarship programmes for underprivileged scholars.
4. International students can work while studying

In the U.K., students can work for 20 hours in a week, and they have the freedom to choose any organization they want. Moreover, they can also set up their own business. Most importantly, unlike other Western nations, where international students face strict guidelines when it comes to work off campus, but in the U.K., there is no such rule.  
5. Studying in the U.K. renders a global experience
As per a survey conducted by the UK Council for International Student Affairs, 13% of scholars pursuing higher education from this nation are from foreign nations. Each year 442,000 international students visit this country among which thirty percent are undergraduates, fifty percent are postgraduates and others get enrolled in research programmes. By studying with fellows from diverse cultural and geographic backgrounds, they get to learn a lot of interdisciplinary skills including analytical abilities, interpersonal skills, oral or written communication, and many more.
As now you know why it’s rational to opt for study in the U.K., you can apply for the admission. And, before choosing a college and course, you should check the world ranking and quality of education, eligibility criteria, style of education, job prospects, simplified visa processes, lifestyle, cost of living. Once you get the admission, conforming to the college environment might be challenging in light of the fact that you will experience a different education system that is more focused on learning the practical aspects in comparison with the theories. Moreover, loads of academic write-ups may leave you frustrated. In that case, you should take dissertation writing service from a reputed company. It will take some time to adjust to the university norms, but soon you would tailor your skills accordingly.  

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