5 Common Misconceptions about Online School

The world of online education is pretty dynamic. Its face has changed over the last decade. However, there are some very common myths related to online schooling that never seem to change.

Here is a bunch of the most common misconceptions about online school:

  • Online courses are easier than traditional courses

It might be true that it is easier to complete online daily coursework in a shorter time as compared to that of a traditional school course. But, this does not imply that the online study course is easy!

This is easily the most common misconception. The truth is that online students need to spend at least 15 hours per week on a three-hour credit class to gain good results. The reason why online students can finish off their daily online course faster is because they do not get distracted as they do when taking traditional school courses. With less distractions and zero peer pressure, online mode of learning certainly brings out the best version of every child by making them focus on the online coursework.

The two modes of instruction are just different. The students would have the flexibility of the subjects they study and what pace they study them with. Also, online courses require more self-direction and stronger commitment as compared to traditional courses. This is mainly due to the fact that the amount of freedom while taking an online course can give you regarding class and studying timings. Thus, the student is bound to be more responsible to get work done on time. Therefore, online education can be quite intensive.


  • There is no deadline as such. There is only one deadline at the end of the semester

In case of an online course, students must expect frequent deadlines for assignments, comments, papers, tests and the final exam. In fact, there is often a narrow window where you can take tests, typically four hours. This can form problems for students who are in a distant time zone from the school or if you have an unusual work schedule. In case this is your situation, make sure to check with the school and the specific professor to ensure that you will not have to work overtime in order to take a test.

  • You are required to own a personal computer to complete an online program

Of course, the only two requisites for an online learning course is the laptop and a strong internet connection. Thus, when you own your own computer, it makes things much, much easier if you are taking classes online. But the truth is that it is not a requirement.

Make sure to maintain a secure access to a computer and secure access to an Internet connection. In case you cannot own a computer or laptop,you can look upto some other options. Keep in mind that community centers and public libraries have computers with fast Internet connections. These can help you choose times during off-hours where you can use the computer for an extended time in order to finish off your assignments timely.

Credits are not transferable from an online program to a traditional degree program

It is a very common myth that one cannot transfer credits from an online program to a traditional degree program. This misconception comes up due to the issue of accreditation vs. the issue of whether a program is online or traditional. The truth is that courses from an accredited program will often be recognized by a traditional college. This is more particularwhen these courses are taken online from a traditional school.

Online diploma is not accepted by top employers and colleges

Most of the employers view the quality of online degrees as equal to traditional programs. This holds true for admissions officers in colleges as well. You need to check to make sure that your program is accredited. You can ask people in the profession as well as Human Resources Specialists how an online degree from a certain school is viewed in the field.

Usually, employers would opt for people who have the right skill set and unimpeachable academic credentials, whether from an online degree or a traditional educational institute. The employability of an online degree would be more dependent on the reputation of the school hosting the program, rather than the mode of instruction.

The academic standards for online courses are pretty much dependent on the school you are considering. This is because every institute has its own criteria. Usually, the online teachers receive an equally rigorous training and certification process to make sure they understand the academic standards required by online courses. Thus, online education might actually be more effective than traditional forms of instruction.


Accreditation is a major factor

Accreditation is a very important aspect for any educational institute. It is a sure sign of surety for higher educational institutes who prefer students coming in from accredited programs. If online courses are not accredited, they will not be accepted by higher education institutes. In general, accreditation credentials vary from institution to institution. Still, the larger part of online courses is registered with one accreditation agency or the other.

In order to make a safe choice, it is your responsibility to carefully check for accreditation credentials before registering for a course. In case you end up attending an unaccredited school, your credits may not transfer, federal and state financial aid might also not be available for you and employers might not view your degree as credible enough.

Online courses have improved to a large extent over the past decade, thanks to new-age technology. In fact, online high school is often more advanced as compared to the traditional schools.These improvements are being recognized both by employers and the larger academic community. So, students and parents need to shake off these myths of the past in order to avail the high-level quality education. However, make sure to know the realities of online programs before you enroll or get your child enrolled.

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