Benefits for Trucking Business Owners

How to develop the Perfect Truck Application for your business?

Trucks Mobile Application Development has been on demand since Uber revolutionized the industry. Small and large Trucking Business wanted to build Mobile Application similar to the “Uber for Trucks” App. When you are about to develop a Mobile App there are many things that you should always keep in mind. Make sure to give the best customer experience with a simple and time and cost saving administration.

The Uber App stands as one of the best Mobile Apps in the Industry due to its powerful influence that it brought to the customers, drivers and business owners. It had its own unique features and functionalities that still bring an overwhelming success to the business. Keeping the end users in mind is the first thing to consider while developing your Mobile App. The most important feature an App should have is that it should be User-Centric and Secure.

How does the Freight Industry benefit from the Trucks App?

The Freight Industry has always been scrappy with so many challenges and stress faces by business owners. Without an Application, managing a trucking company seems to be a difficult task.  Wastage of time, money, lack of communication and stress has been the most prominent reasons of the industry being fragmented. A mobile application for a trucking business can work wonders for the trucking business.

Some of the most important features of the Truck App can determine the success of your trucking business. Truck Mobile Application can increase the visibility of your business, to appeal more customers and bring the best bottom line results for your trucking company. No matter what size your trucking business is, with Trucks Mobile App Development and reaps the benefits that it brings for your Industry.

Benefits for Trucking Business Owners

Real-Time Tracking

Reliability and transparency build the trust of your customers. The real-time tracking feature takes the realiabitly of your business to a higher level. With this feature, the shippers know that their products are safe. Moreover, the drivers can also make use of the navigation map to find the exact pickup and drop location. Also, the web admin panel has the tracking feature as well; it allows them to find the location of the particular truck or goods in the area. Such features bring a sense of consistency for your business and this will also help to appeal to more customers to your store.

Improve Efficiency and Proficiency

 The Trucks Mobile App can also improve the efficiency of your business. There is no need for you to contact your driver for anything; the application will do all the communication that is needed. In addition, it has a special feature that lets the driver and the shipper contact each other within the app. this improves your business process making administrating your trucking business easy and simple. The App is smart enough to boost the profit of your trucking company and increase brand visibility.

Benefits for Drivers

Reduce Empty Hauls

The main challenge faced by drivers of the trucking and taxi industry are empty hauls. The drivers will receive requests from nearby customers, so they do not have to travel with empty trucks. With a Trucks Application, there is no wastage of time or money.

Navigation Map

This feature helps in guiding the drivers to the right location. There is no need for searching for the shortest route. The navigation map in the application shows the shortest route. It also gives the time estimation as to what time he will reach the required location. The drivers have no need to be familiar with the route, the map does it all for them.

Driver’s Log

All the rides that are completed, scheduled and running can be viewed by the driver with the help of the list of rides recorded in the Application. This makes a note of his rides along with the rating that he received from each customer. Moreover, the scheduled rides list keeps him occupied. Hence, the wastage of time, fuel or money is eliminated here.

Review and Rating

The shipper is allowed to rate and give their review regarding a particular ride. This encourages the driver and helps to improve his proficiency in his work.  Each time the driver is rated with the best service, he will receive a reward. In this way, the driver gets his share of benefits too.

Benefits for Shippers

Booking anywhere anytime

Shippers can make immediate and schedule bookings. All information is provided in the process of booking, there is no place for any kind of confusion. In the process of the booking, the pick and drop locations are mentioned along with the product images. Also, they are given the option of making payment via the app. Booking a truck becomes a simple and quick task for shippers.

Time and Fare Estimation

The shipper gets an estimation of the time taken for the product to be delivered and the fare for the completed ride. Once the ride is completed, the payment can be done in two ways, either via the in-app wallet or the payment can be made by cash to the driver. The in-app wallet feature allows the shipper to recharge his wallet money from his bank. Payments are secured.

Invoice and receipts

The receipt or the bill is sent to the shipper immediately once the payment is completed. In addition, they also receive the invoice via email or messages. All the features and functions of the app, are most beneficial for the shippers.




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