Neck and Shoulder pain- When you should worry

Neck and Shoulder pain treatment is something that almost every person requires or would require at some point in life. Pain in the neck or shoulder for most of us has become a common occurrence and we have learnt to live with it. But, little do we know that ignoring these for a long time can actually take a huge shape in the future and get severe.

Our neck and shoulders have various supporting structures such as veins, muscles, nerves, bones, arteries, ligaments and many others. Any strain on these structures can cause excruciating pain in the neck and shoulders. The pain is of two types, acute (Acute pain is considered not so dangerous and they can result in transient strain or contusions) and chronic (A pain that is chronic is dangerous and can also be life-threatening in some cases).

In this article, you will be introduced to the various different causes and symptoms.


Here are some of the causes of Neck and Shoulder pain -

  • One of the main causes of neck and shoulder pain is an injury caused to the soft tissues that include tendons, ligaments and muscles within these structures.
  • If there is Degenerative Arthritis of the spine in the neck, known as the Cervical spine, it can send irritations to the nerves that cause both shoulder and neck pain.
  • Degenerative Disc diseases occurring in the neck also known as Cervical Spondylosis can also send irritations to the nerves that can cause Cervical Radiculopathy.
  • Any strain or inflammation that is caused under the Diaphragm is one of the important causes of pain in the neck or shoulder.
  • Diseases relating to the Gallbladder can also cause pain in both neck and shoulder.
  • Any abnormality in joints and bones.
  • Poor posture for a longer time.
  • Tumours
  • Strains from overexertion


Given below are some of the symptoms of Neck and Shoulder pain –

  • Coolness – A perpetual coolness in the hands or arms indicate that there is either a blockage or an injury in the arteries and the veins. This suggests an insufficient blood rush to the arms.
  • Swelling – Tightness in the muscles or muscle spasms can actually contribute to swelling. If there is any dislocation or deformity it may also cause swelling or a sunken area.
  • Numbness – Numbness takes place when the nerves are bruised, pinched or cut refraining you from feeling any sensation.
  • Changes in colour – If you notice a white or blue tinge or colour around your neck or shoulder area then chances are, the arteries or the veins are injured. However, if there is redness, it can be either from infection or inflammation.

Home remedies such as using an ice bag on the affected area, brief elevations or using the affected area as little as possible might help initially, but if the pain still refuses to get any better or you identify the above mentioned symptoms then it's time for you to seek serious medical attention as soon as you can. You can find some of the best and the most experienced physiotherapists in south Delhi area.

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