First off, let me share with you something; You and your dentist will be long term oral health care partners, that's for a fact. Therefore, it is necessary that you find a dentist that you are totally comfortable with. In this article, we are going to share with you some tips that will help you make the right decision.

Five great tips for choosing a dentist

1. Accessibility to your dentist. Do you want the dentist's location to be near your home or your workplace? How flexible can you be when it comes to scheduling the dentist appointments? Is it core for your dentist to have office hours on Sundays and Saturdays? Make sure you convey all this information to all the prospective dentists and their dentist office staff.

2. Arrange for a consultation. Once you have a list of all the prospective dentists, visit or call several of them before making an appointment. Enquire if he or she is a member of the organized dentistry (such as AGD or AAD), and then find out which of the dental procedures are completed in the office and which are completed elsewhere. e.g Referral. Remember to ask how far in advance you need to schedule regular cleaning or checkups.

3. The choice of a dentist sometimes could be determined by your dental health plan. For example; Dental Health Maintenance Organization(HMO), for example, may limit your choice of dentist to only a member of the HMO. If you have a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan, visiting a dentist in a network can make a difference in your payment levels.

4. Request others for recommendations. Request your friends, coworkers ,family or neighbours what they like about their dentist. You can also ask your physician for advice on the best dentists.

5. Evaluate the prospective dentist after an appointment. When you first visit, check the office to make sure that it's clean, orderly and neat. Don't forget to look at how the staff members behave. e.g How courteous are staff members?

This are core questions that you should make sure to obtain answers on before you make a decision.

● What are the office operating hours? Is it convenient for your schedule? Here at South hills, we offer flexible schedules that fit each of our customers schedules.

● How easy is the office to access from home or from work? We are located at South Hills Dental is located at:2480 Tracy Drive Helena, MT 59601

● Where was the resident dentist trained and educated?

● What is the dentist's view on preventive dentistry?

● Does the dentist attend workshops and conferences on dentistry?

● What are the arrangements made when handling emergencies that are outside of the operating office hours?

● Is the information provided by the Dentist in Helena MT or the office staff about all the payments plans and fees before an appointment or treatment is scheduled? In case you are comparing the dentists prices, you can ask for an estimate on one of the common procedures such as an oral exam, a full-mouth X-ray, filling a cavity or cleaning.

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