A Quick Guide on the Difference Between Steel and Aluminium Trailers

The first question that needs to be asked in this case is which one is the stronger among the two metals. People who prefer steel trailers state that steel is regarded as one of the strongest alloys out there. They also say that aluminium is more commonly used as a raw material to make pop cans and foils. However, the aluminium that is used in the trailers is an alloy as well. In that regard, it is a lot similar to steel, which itself happens to be an alloy of iron. It is just as strong as steel. 95 percent of this alloy is made up of aluminium and the rest comprises copper, titanium, chromium, and zinc.

The question of maintenance

Both these types of trailers need a fair bit of maintenance. However, the major problem with the aluminium trailers is oiling the latches, trailer hubs and hinges. You should also wash the interiors on a regular basis since contact with water and moisture while the weather conditions can be somewhat corrosive. If you want your aluminium trailer to look good, you should give it an acid bath every two years just so that you can renew the exterior and clean it. On the other hand, with steel trailers, you need to check them regularly to make sure that they do not catch rust.


How are they on the road?

People who have used both these kinds of trailers state that with an aluminiumone they get a much better tow. In fact, operating a loaded aluminium trailer can be a much smoother experience compared to a steel trailer that is empty. Since aluminium itself is lighter than steel, it can carry a lot more weight as well. An aluminium trailer also offers much better performance regarding gas mileage as compared to a steel one.

The small matter of resale

Steel gets rusted, and this is one reason why reselling it can be such a significant issue. Even after a couple of years, steel trailers would develop rusty patches, and it can get quite tricky to clean it up or cover it as such. In fact, steel trailer parts that have become old can get highly rusted and become unsafe and ugly at the same time. Rust can also hamper the capacity of steel trailers to carry loads. On the other hand, with just simple routine maintenance you can keep aluminium trailers looking like new for years to come.

Some common myths regarding aluminium

There are several wrong facts regarding the aluminium trailers circulating on the Internet. One of them says that all aluminium trailers are just as heavy as the steel trailers while having a third of the strength. It also means that this is why three times the aluminium is needed to make an all aluminium trailer as sharp as a steel one. It is also said that steel is easier to repair compared to aluminium and that aluminium cannot bear the same amount of stress that steel can. One of these myths also states that all aluminium trailers have steel parts, which proves that steel is the superior metal. 

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