How Does Employee Background Verification Work in India?

The process of employee background verification in India is still at an infancy stage. Although, background verification has always been on the radar of HR professionals, its role has been limited to verification of educational documents and past experience letters. But, with the recent rise in incidents of falsified profiles, Indian organizations have started to include employee background verification as a key component of their recruitment and screening process.

The process of background verification in India varies across organizations and industries. But the standard process includes a comprehensive check of the candidate’s educational degrees, employment details, residential address, credit scores and criminal background. The time taken to complete the background verification depends on the extent of probing required. If you have never conducted background verification of your employees before and thinking of trying it, you would do well to hire one of the trustworthy background verification companies in india.

Typically, background verification process in India includes the following:

1. Employment verification

The background verification partner commences the process by calling the past employers to scrutinize the details provided by the candidate in their resume. It will include: conduct and behavior, employment duration, verification of pay slips and performance history. By doing adequate research you can get a fair idea about whether the candidate is the right fit for the vacancy and will be able to adjust to your organizational culture or not.

2. Education verification

In the next step, the candidate’s educational credentials are verified. It has been observed that certain candidates due to extreme pressure tend to falsify their educational credentials to secure a good job. It can harm the reputation of your organization if the candidate is not able to perform well in the vacant position. This makes screening partners to approach universities to confirm the educational qualification of the candidate. Most of the screening firms have access to the National Academics Repository which makes their task a little bit easier.

3. Residential verification

After successful verification of the educational credentials of the candidate, the next step is to verify their residential address. Now, you might wonder why would someone lie about their residence address? The sad part is some people do who are involved in some sort of crimes and frauds to prevent themselves from getting caught. This makes it extremely critical to carry out residential verification as a part of background verification in India. The process is completed by calling or visiting the candidate’s home and getting it verified by their family member or neighbor.

4. Criminal verification

Earlier, criminal verification was never carried out by Indian organizations. But, recently there has been a rise in cases of harassment, frauds and other crimes at a workplace that has awakened organizations to stay alert by conducting criminal verification on candidates. Screening partners have contacts in courts, which gives them easy access to court records and criminal databases that assist in screening the past of the candidate.

Once these four steps have been completed, the employee background verification gets over in India. Based on the results obtained, the organization can make the hiring decision. Although, there is always an opportunity to screen the candidates yourself, it is advisable to take assistance from a professional background screening vendor. Their expertise, knowledge and access to information repository can fasten the background verification process and also make it reliable.

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