Knowing What Women Actually Look For in Men

Women, just like men are attracted to the opposite sex. That is a normal phenomenon that has been in existence since the creation of man and woman. It is no big matter to know that every normal human being has an attraction to the opposite sex that brings a male and a female together in a love based relationship. Every man wants a woman he can have as a partner and the same thing applies to every woman. However, most men sometimes seem lost and confused with regards to what women want in a man. Having this understanding is important because as men, we all realize that it doesn’t really matter what qualifications you think you have to get a lady, if she does not value those attributes like you do, she may never consider you for a date, let alone a relationship. Understanding women is not easy and then things only get even more difficult when men don’t even know what they admire or are attracted to in men.

There are particular attributes most women regard as qualities of a good man. But what if you knew those things that women actually take into consideration when deciding whether or not to date or get into a relationship with a man. That’s exactly what I am about to share with you. I must admit from the onset that non of the points that will be discussed here are absolutes to getting every lady you may be interested in. That should be reasonable to you because, remember, women, like men are not robots. They are humans and sometimes their perceptions and choices are way out of the normal. For example, a lady could fall in love with you simply because you seem to be the topic on the lips of every girl in the neighborhood. In that case, we may not be able to point to any particular “male quality” you may posses. At the same time, your best chance at getting a lady is not tied to the unusual. There is more than a 90% possibility of getting a lady by knowing the things women look for in a man. Knowing the following tips is the first step to understanding women, so lets get on to it.

Physically attractive

The first thing anyone will notice when they first see you is your physical appearance. Physical attractiveness is one of the first qualities of a good man and definitely one of those things women look for in a man. That could either attract them to you or be the reason why they just find you unappealing from the very beginning. Generally, one may not have other chances to win the heart of a lady even if he blunders in making a good first impression as a far as physical appearance is concerned. That is why it is usually very important to always look good, no matter the occasion. You never know when you are going to meet the lady who sweeps you off your feet. Since the concept of being physically attractive is quite vague, lets look at specific aspects of it that almost every lady will take note of or find appealing. They are what women want in a man they see for the first time or what they would consider attractive.

- A great physique or body build

In considering the things women look for in a man as far as physical appearance is concerned, this is definitely first on the list. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a great body physique but it may sometimes take even more effort getting a lady if you cannot build your body and keep fit. You may not be as muscular as a wrestler. That is not necessarily what is meant by having a great physique or body build. If you can make out time to build your muscles, then do so. But whatever you do, make sure you get that masculine stature that attracts most women. To a lady, looking strong and masculine is appealing because it gives her the subconscious message that you are the protective type of guy. One who is qualified to protect her from harm and keep her safe in the face of danger. More so, a strong physical appearance also means a guy will be good in bed. It is not necessarily the case but that is how women interpret it or that is the way they think. A muscular looking body is not always proof of strength and in the same way, a strong looking body is not always proof that a man will be great in bed. In any case, since that is the impression most ladies have, you definitely want to have it as an advantage or a plus.

- Dressing right

As far as physical appearance is concerned, no matter how fit or good looking a guy may be, his choice of dressing could make it hard for a lady to notice. In the same light, even those who do not have a great masculine structure could make a great first impression by wearing the right dresses. Don’t wear dresses that are too tight and avoid dresses that are bigger than your actual size. A good looking guy who wears dresses that are too big would simply look plumpy and almost no lady will find that attractive. Wear dresses that fit and bring out your manly stature. For example you will realize that men who often put on things like jackets or suits that fit them usually look more attractive to ladies whether or not they actually have a great body build. That’s because such dresses are designed to bring out the masculine structure and make almost any man look physically attractive.

- A bright and confident smile

A bright smile may not be one of the things you consider amongst the qualities of a good man but believe me, women take it more seriously than you think. If you must fail in the first two points mentioned with regards to looking attractive, don’t blunder on this one. It cost nothing to smile and there is relative little or no effort to put in. but you will be surprised what impression a bright smile could make when you meet a lady for the very first time. It immediately tells her that you are not the type who is uptight and rigid in attitude. It is a sign of being tender hearted and friendly and ladies love those attributes very much. No matter the situation in which you first meet the lady of your dreams, or any woman you may be attracted, be sure to put on a bright and confident smile. Also remember not to fake it. There is usually a very clear difference between a lively smile that says “i am excited to meet you” and a fake one which says “i am not really the type of person who smiles regularly but I can do it now to impress you”. The difference is easy to tell and ladies especially, because of their natural keenness to details will not fail to notice when you are simply faking a smile.

- Well trimmed hair and beard

Every man considers growing a beard as a sign of masculinity and rightly so. A well grown and trimmed beard is not necessarily one of the qualities of a good man but it increases your chances of attracting ladies. That is why articles that deal with how to grow beards are among the most read by men on-line. Just growing a beard is very appealing to most ladies but what they will find even more attractive is beards that are properly trimmed to enhance a great look. The same thing applies to the hair of one’s head. If you want to look appealing to most ladies and have a better chance at winning the heart of any woman you may be interested in, take out time and make the financial sacrifice necessary to have and maintain an attractive look. There may be a few ladies who will be attracted to guys who keep long beards and hair but even for them, keeping it nicely trimmed is a necessity.


Being smart is one thing that generally appeals to women. It is not about being widely knowledgeable about every possible issue. Being well read and informed on a general scale is an advantage for any man who desires to make a good impression on ladies. As you will read further in this article, the ability to sustain a discussion is a necessity. But it is important to recall that those who are well read stand a better chance of sustaining discussions. Ladies are usually interested in discussing almost anything that comes to their minds or that they may be interested in. You better have knowledge to make a contribution in any area she chooses to talk about.

A good sense of humor

There are so many things that stress people up. Ladies are sure having their fair share and for that reason they usually look out for someone who can reduce the daily pressure and strain that comes. A guy who is uptight will definitely not be fun to be with. Having a good sense of humor tells a lady that you are going to be great company to be with. Life will definitely not be boring with you and for that she will be more likely to fall in love with or be attracted to you.

A good job

Whether men like it or not, women are more attracted to men with great jobs than men with no jobs or low income/status jobs. Women consider having a great job as one of the qualities of a good man. At least one they can consider dating. The main reason is that a job is an important part of a man’s status. Whatever the man does translates to the image that people will have about him and about her and the entire family. So a doctor or lawyer may be more appealing to most women than being a simple business man even if he earns more money. Some people may consider it shallow for a woman to be interested in or attracted to the kind of job a man does, but that’s just the way women are and men had better learn to take advantage of it.

Now for those who don’t have any of those high status jobs, it is important that you are really confident about what you do and especially be able to tell a lady why it is important to you and those who use your services. A lady who knows that you are not only confident and passionate about your profession but also good at it will definitely be more interested. All these are things that may not only make a woman feel proud, it also means financial security.

Some cash

Women like money and that is no news. When considering the issue of understanding women, I find it surprising that this point still seems mysterious to many men. It is time we get over that and move on to the real reasons why women are attracted to rich men and consequently why it will be advantageous if you have at least a few dollars to your name. Money is a symbol or maybe the substance of security and assurance for women. Unless you were born yesterday, you should have noticed that women are always in need of new things. They can just not have enough dresses, shoes and other things that make them look good. She has needs and no matter how much she earns, she wants to know that someone who loves her and wants to get into a relationship with her is willing and able to meet her needs. It is a sign of maturity for most women.

You should also know that having a lot of money is not all there is to it. You have to be sensitive and willing to make sacrifices. A stingy man is just as annoying to any woman as a poor man. So if you have a lot of money, don’t make it your primary business to show it off. Let it be something you use to show a lady how special she is by being somewhat generous with your wealth. Lastly, if you have money to spend on a lady, be careful not to give her the impression that you are trying to impress her with money or that money is all you can offer in a relationship. Rich men can be very shallow at times. If you try to use money to cover up for inadequacies in other areas of love and relationship, you will find it difficult to attract or keep any lady.


It does not take having a lot of money to be generous. All it takes is genuine love and interest in someone. There is an old and true statement that you can’t love without giving though it is possible to give without loving. Like I have already mentioned, women usually want a lot of things. Those things may not seem important to you but they are surely important for the ladies. It should therefore not be surprising that generosity is one of the things women look for in a man who may be after them. So they want a man whom they will not need to sweet talk or convince to buy those things for them. But more importantly, women are more attracted to generous men because giving is a show of love. They therefore judge that those who freely give will abundantly love but those who will hardly give hardly really love them. There are few things as important as being generous to a woman. Most of them can understand if you are financially strained and cannot give as regularly or generously as other men do but when you really have the means and find it hard to give, it becomes a problem that has to be addressed if you desire to attract or win the heart of any woman.


Being gentle is more of a feminine trait but men who want to be appealing to women have to cultivate this quality. When talking about what women want in a man, the quality of being gentle always makes the list. No lady wants a guy who will treat her as though she is some other guy. Women are not just tender in body. They are even more tender at heart and the way a man acts or reacts towards them could sometimes be amplified in their own judgment. Be soft spoken and tender in the way you relate with a lady and she is more likely to find you attractive. However, make sure you don’t confuse the quality of being gentle with being weak. Very few ladies can stand a guy who does not have that firmness that makes up a manly personality. While it is important to be gentle with women, you must understand that there is a difference between being gentle and simply portraying a puppet kind of figure. Never allow a woman have an influence on you that makes it difficult for you to stand your ground on certain issues or be pushed around by her. She may seem to like it when you act that way but it will be really difficult for a lady to fall in love with you if she cannot really respect you.

Firm and authoritative

The previous point brings us to this. In every relationship setting, the man has to present himself as king. Thats what women want in a man. Someone whom they can honor and really respect. This denotes being a firm and authoritative figure. Be the kind of guy whose decisions are not easily changed by people or even your girlfriend. Listen respectfully to her decisions and ideas but never let her push them on you. If you have a problem with the lady, be the man in the face of it. Stand up to the occasion and present an opportunity for you guys to talk things over and resolve the issue. Never ever run away in the face of an argument. It is one of those traits that women unconsciously look for in men. Be the king who takes charge of issues by being firm and authoritative. Don’t confuse this with being a dictator in the relationship. Just be the pillar and be able to stand up and stand strong when situations demand it.

Somewhat defensive and aggressive when she is concerned

Now we are back to one of those reasons why every woman wants a guy with a strong looking body build. That is the first thing that tells her that she can trust you to keep her safe in certain circumstances. What is more important than a strong looking body is a readiness to defend her from assaults or insults and also from any one who will be a rival to you. No real king sits down and watches some other man hit on his queen. The woman you cant defend and contend for is a woman who will doubt your love for her. Every lady wants to be cherished and valued and one thing that proves that you love and value her is your ability and readiness to stand up to anything that sets up itself as a challenge to her or your relationship with her.

The ability to pull a great discussion

If you know anything about ladies at all, it should be that they love to talk and talking or discussion time is serious time for them. I recently realized how much I was wanting in this aspect and had to make quick adjustments. There is hardly any other way you are going to learn to sustain a discussion except by actually making a commitment to it. As far as ladies are concerned, the best way to go about it is to ask her relevant questions when you start a discussion. Trust me, she will be more than able to fill in the blank spaces. All you need to do is come in every now and then with teasing comments and more questions.

No matter your efforts at understanding women, you need to be be flexible. Women are not robots and it will be an error to imagine that the tips or suggestions discussed here will work for all ladies. Some will apply to some women and others may not. There are no absolutes when it comes to what women want in a man. The things women look for in a man are ideal to each lady so learn what works for the person you may be interested in and make it work.

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