Top 7 Android App Development Trends for 2018

Let’s go through the trends that are going to influence Android app development in 2018:

1. Security Becomes a First Priority

Security will perhaps be the biggest concern for Android app developers at present. Businesses investing in apps will demand data security as most of them are used for commercial purposes and transactions. So programmers will have to ensure that every little bit of personal and financial details is safe from hackers looking to steal it and use it unlawfully.

2. IoT for mobile is an upcoming trend

It has been predicted that the number of connected devices will witness a booming growth in the coming years. By 2020, there will be as many as 30 billion connected devices. This spells new opportunities for businesses who will now need to invest in IoT-based apps to keep pace with the trend. There will be apps for smart automation to run connected devices for smart homes, offices, and cities

3. The Cloud grows bigger

The growth of the Cloud technology has been commendable over the last years and this year will be no exception. In fact, the Cloud grows bigger as it makes inroads into the Android app space. The implementation of cloud computing modules in the apps enhances their productivity as well as adds value to them.

4. On-demand apps are in high demand

The success of Uber and Ola has ushered a new trend for the Android scenario and this is the trend of on-demand apps. Such apps are meant to push the growth of businesses that do not keep an inventory but provides goods and services as soon as user demands them. The business model is complex as it involves procurement of goods/services from the supplier and their delivery to the customer. The process is handled by high-tech Android apps specially tailored for the businesses.

5. Instant is the decision & making Apps

The concept of Android Instant apps is making waves as the technology has been created by Google to enable the users for accessing the Android apps faster than ever. In fact, users can access and explore these apps even without downloading and installing them on their smartphones. Just a tap and they have access to high-performance apps in a seamless manner and without consuming storage space on their devices.

6. MVP is the in-thing

Another amazing trend that Android app developers are following is the creation of MVP(Minimum Viable Product). These products are based on the “Build — Measure — Learn” principle and work best for startups that want to drive innovation with minimal investments. Developers work on the Lean methodology, building only what is required and when it is required by the business.

7. The in-app search feature becomes popular

The initial response that in-app search filters within Android apps received was lukewarm. However, things have changed now as this is becoming a popular trend these days. This is one smart feature that renders better user experiences with effective searches for the in-app content. So ensure that you demand this feature when you hire Android app developers to create your business app.

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