How Does a Customer Portal Enhance the Experience of Customers?

“Customer engagement,” is an important aspect to keep a business running. It depends on how well you handle a customer, how swiftly his queries are resolved as well as how little he waits for his service request to be answered. Unfortunately, these stories do not glorify your forte in offering customer services. We live in an era wherein customers want the solutions to their problems on fingertips. And that too, while on the move.

Also, with the obsession of internet growing over the years, customers like to keep connected to their favorite brands through the same. Now, let us say you desire something that can help you enhance your outreach and help the customers to find answers to their issues. A customer portal can be an ideal solution to end your search.

Why Does Your Business Require Customer Portal?
In the disruptive marketplace, every customer is looking for ways to stay connected and up-to-date. With the advent of internet and smartphones, the world has become smaller. Every information is available on the fingertips.

Every industry ranging from automobiles to healthcare to insurance and shopping find connecting with their customers beneficial. And how do they do this? It’s simple – they have provided tools that can enable customers to interact with the companies that they want whenever they want. An online customer portal brings all of your self-service support options into one easy-to-use location.

Integrating CRM with Customer Portal
CRM demands that you record every communication that you have with prospects and regular customers. Using CRM with customer portal, you can have access to check who has entered the portal as well as his activities. This helps enrich the data collected about each person. A CRM portal is a way in which non-CRM users can be a part of it.

This allows them get information from the company whenever they desire. an efficient way, regardless of the time of the day. Depending on the different CRM you are using, there are various customer portals available in the market.

How Does a Customer Portal Bridge the Gap Between the Business and Customers?

Exceptional Customer Service
Every customer you come across needs a special pampering. They want you to treat them different from the rest - be it an enhanced accessibility, ease of using the portal, personalized content etc. Using SuiteCRM self service portal, you can provide them with options like access to their portal on the go, navigate the portal on their own. This is sure to enhance their user experience.

Build Brand Loyalty
The SuiteCRM customer portal not only helps the customers to look after information, but also assists them to remain closely connected to their brand. This culminates a sense of brand awareness in their minds. Brand loyalty calls for increase in sales and referrals.

Automating Business Communication
The entire world is racing towards digitalization – thanks to smartphones and internet. Digitalization in retail can bring enormous benefits like global accessibility, very petty or zero human errors etc. Customer portal plays a major role in automating every business process.

Get insight for Target Audience
Customer portal can help organizations in gaining insights about customers. This can include how their purchase behavior is, what product interests them, communication pattern etc. The customer portal can help in achieving the details of the customer behavior. These insights can be used in framing business strategies.

We thrive in the DIY generation and hence, adapting to customer portals can render great benefits. But before you choose one, you must jolt down the purposes you expect it to serve. We hope that you choose the best for your business!

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