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Certified Mortgage Brokers are dedicated to ensuring that property buyers, whether residential or commercial get the best deals. Our services include residential and commercial mortgages and mortgage refinancing. We are your local neighborhood mortgage experts.

We are committed Mortgage Brokers who stand to change the industry. We provide the best rates, unparalleled service and quickest turnaround time.

In general, homebuyers who are holding variable-rate mortgages are expected to pay more in interest in the coming months. This is because such loans have interest rates that are adjustable based on the interest rates set by the regulators. Thus, if the central bank hikes rates, these borrowers will also surely pay more for higher rates.

But such mortgage products are still more preferred by many homebuyers. That is because their rates are pegged in prevailing market conditions. Interest rates may increase but those could also go down again in the future, depending on market dynamics. When rates go down, variable-rate mortgages tend to be significantly cheaper than the fixed-rates.


Comparing the two options and upon checking current market rates in Canada (as of August), a variable-rate home loan could have a rate of about 2% for a five-year term mortgage. On the other hand, a counterpart fixed-rate mortgage could take a rate of about 2.5% to 2.7%. This makes variables much cheaper. Economic analysts and financial services experts are expecting that the adjustments would not be very drastic when interest rates are adjusted soon.


The mortgage brokerage industry in Toronto is a huge sector. The consumer housing market is vast, with a big portion composed of those who cannot afford to purchase houses without any help from a financial institution. These people rely on mortgages to purchase their houses.

Adding to the consumer housing market is the increasing number of people migrating to Canada. The demand for mortgage brokerage services is higher than ever. There is also an increase in the number of mortgage brokerages in the country today, making the selection process even more painstaking for consumers. Here are some tips to help you with choosing a mortgage broker:

These are some of the important points every buyer needs to know on how to select the top mortgage brokers in Toronto, Ontario Canada:

Mortgage brokers are not miracle workers. They should not promise rates that are too good to be true, cause chances are there is a fine print.

Also, aside from the above-mentioned points, you should keep in mind that good brokers are straight forward with you. They discuss details like professional fees and refinances in a straightforward manner. They communicate properly so you understand everything and won’t leave you wondering about certain details of your mortgage.

When planning to apply for a mortgage loan to buy a new house, you might wonder if you should apply for loans directly from banks or hire the help of a brokerage firm. Though they both facilitate your mortgage loans, there are several differences that make one a better fit than the other.

Banks assign loan officers to deal with customers looking to get a mortgage loan. They may be the ideal choice if you want to invest more carefully and if you prefer a direct bank service. However, loan officers work for the banks, so they offer mortgage terms that are in the banks’ best interest and not yours. Also, banks are more likely to disapprove or refuse your application if you have a credit history that they find risky to deal with.

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