How to Set The Mood For That Perfect Kiss

Hey, how often do you want to go for the kill? Rather, the kiss! Now, it's an undeniable fact that something like a romantic kiss is desirable and a tempting prospect, and can never be turned down. Whether you are an occasional kisser or a serial kisser, an amateur kisser or a seasoned one, kissing will always stay an enjoyable affair.

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Before you kiss, some things are mandatory enough to set the mood -

  • Fresh breath – Without this, a kiss becomes a disaster. So make sure you brush or grab a breath freshener before kissing.
  • Stay Relaxed – Yes, that heartbeat is increasing and the pulse is racing. But even if things are wild and you're all excited from inside, stay relaxed on the outside. That will make your partner eager to kiss you even more. It's important to leave your partner craving for more. Your lover should go wild, crazy and should absolutely die to kiss you. Period!
  • Select the Perfect Spot and Situation – There are many spots for kissing, but the best and the ideal one is your own room, where you're comfy and cosy. Turn on some soulful music. And what can be better, if it's raining outside and you've also had a fight and want to kiss and make up. You can also rush in the rain and indulge in a romantic rain kiss.
  • Dim light & silence – Try to slow down the conversation and ensure a pause before you advance. Dim light is a perfect add-on.
  • Eyes to Lips – When you're sure you're going to kiss someone, look into their eyes, then shift the focus to the lips, pull that person closer and seal the kiss.

While kissing, savour every bit of the moment. It is one of the best, happiest and one of the most unparalleled feelings in the world.

Kissing Your Heart Away Keeps The Doctor Away

Did you know?

Just like flirting, kissing is also really good for your health. Here are a few of the health benefits of kissing -

  • It gives that much required boost to your immunity
  • It decreases anxiety
  • Brings blood pressure down
  • A handy workout for the facial muscles
  • Great for dental hygiene

Besides, it helps you find and connect with the right person, and further makes your relationship strong.

So you see,kissing is healthy.

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Go on! Let good fortune kiss you... Good luck!

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