Body Science Podcast - Episode 2: Competition Prep, Travel and Managing Jet Lag.

The idea of “change” is what so many persons have embraced for a season, owing to their desire to cause a departure from a status quo that they no longer feel comfortable with. They implement this new resolve and stay put on it, only to discover at a point that the old lifestyle which they are trying to forsake is strongly beckoning on them to come and participate once more. The drawing force of this old habit and its attendant pull is what so many people cannot sincerely explain but they succumb anyways. I’ve dealt with so many clients over the years as a Health Coach and I discovered that the hardest thing that I had to contend with in my dealings with them is effecting a change and making them adhere to the change over a long period of time, until it becomes integrated into the fabrics of their daily activities

The stress of working late at night and returning home to attend to tasking kitchen needs can be somewhat tiring. Food lovers are always enthusiastic about trying new food recipes but they become bored with the energy and time it demands, especially when it is prepared fresh. On the alternative some people prefer to consume more of “packaged” and “takeaway” foods that are time convenient as it gives them more time to engage in other activities. However, the latter has its unique health challenges owing to the high calorie budget it presents. Health is a very important factor to consider when it comes to dieting.

Due to this obvious, meal prepping has become an indispensable idea. I know you might be wondering, “Meal prepping?” Yes!! Some people seem to brush aside the idea of meal prepping, primarily because they lack knowledge of its ability to afford them the luxury of saving time, saving money and making good nutritional choices. Meal prepping is basically all about making sure that you have all the stuff that you need in the fridge and in the pantry, ready to go for the rest of the week. Meal prepping as it seems may not be a waste of time after all, seeing the many benefits it offers. When we make food at home we actually get to consume more in volume because there are fewer calories in unprocessed foods as opposed to the “convenience foods” we buy at the Fast Food stores. If we are really interested in saving money and making good nutritional choices, then meal prepping should not be waved aside.

At this point I know you may be asking, “How do I go about this?” Okay. It’s simple and easy to practice especially if you have seen the benefits. Meal prepping can take a long process for some people or it can really be a short process depending on the results you want. In this piece, I will be taking you on 3 ways to do your meal prep. Of course, I’m sure some of my readers may even have their own unique methods of meal prepping that they would also love to share. Your ideas and methods are most welcome. I have seen people who do a one-week meal prep. I’ve also seen some people who do two weeks at a time. Some other people take it to the extreme by doing a one month meal prep which is fantastic. I think the most important thing is to do what works for you.


We are going to start off with going through periodisation, what periodisation is all about and why we do it. When we first start lifting, it’s so new to our body and muscles. In these initial stages it will take you a bit longer to recover, so we don’t really want to be focusing on a single muscle group too much as the recovery would take too long. When first starting off, it’s not ideal to be needing three days off just to recover and get back working in the gym again. By periodising our training, we are setting ourselves a long time plan rather than just worrying about what we are doing now. Once we have gone though our goals setting and we know what we want to achieve, it’s time to lay out some specific plans for how we are going to achieve this.

The overhead press is a great ‘push’ exercise. There are a lot of variations to this exercise, so you can start with a standing barbell overhead press. Key technique points are to keep the chest up and high, contracting our muscles and using our core/abdominals. Once you’ve nailed the technique, we can then look at adding extra weight to make this exercise more intense and challenging. On top of this, there are variations we can start to incorporate to isolate our shoulders even more. For example, we can do this exercise seated so that we can no longer rely on our legs to help lift the bar. As the strongest part of the body, it often happens that our legs and lower body will come in to assist when the shoulders begin to tire. If you do find this happening on your ‘push’ days, you can move your exercises to a bench so that you no longer have the option of your lower body coming in to assist. Similarly, if you find that one side of your body is weaker and that you use the opposite side to compensate, we can instead use dumbbells rather than a barbell. Each side of your body will need to work independently so it can help to correct any imbalances.

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