July is The Month of Odia’s in 2018

2018, July is the month of odia people. 14th July is the celebration of all Odisha people and even India and International devotees of Lord Jagannath.

Puri the spiritual capital of Odisha truly justify its spiritualism in this moth. Because this is the moth of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra. The Rath Yatra or Car festival, world over devotees are overcrowding this city in the month of June. As it is the most important festival of Lord Jagannath, it draws millions of devotees from around the country and different parts of the world.

Once in a year this grand festival of Puri is making all the accommodations to earn high in this month. Every guest want to book rooms for the festival, some save the money by advance booking and some gives higher charges on the spot booking for this festival only.  People mostly look for rooms near the temple hotel. So that they can see lords easily during the Car festival. But to book such hotels you need to make two months early advance booking or else you have to pay 4/5 times higher price compare to normal day price. If you ready to book such expensive amount then it is perfect, or else you can also book beach side resorts and hotels. The beach side hotels are also provide you special arrangements for the final day of celebration. Along with watching the full ceremony you can also enjoy the beach ambience during your Puri holiday.

This colorful festival is so important for its devotees because Lord Jagannath come out of his Santorum to give darshan to his devotees. It is a religious belief that who take part in this festival also earn their passage to heaven. The festival starts on SnanaPurnima day, when all the three deities are take a prolonged bath.  Post this bath, the deities go for fifteen days into isolation as they catch fever. During these days, they remain in isolation and no public worship performs.

After fifteen days Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra come out of their sanctorum in a colorful procession on their chariot and went to another temple named Gundicha templeonn 14th July this year. From Puri temple to Gundicha temple the procession is famously known as Rath Yatra or Car festival.

The Rath Yatra represents a further expression of divine grace — the Lord extends his grace from the sacred space of the temple and becomes accessible to all.

The sway of the chariots, musical chants by accomplished bards and heartfelt expressions of devotional rapture of “Jai Jagannath” by millions of devotees create a potent devotional setting for an enriching and life-transforming spiritual experience.

Grace is not restricted to Puri alone. It is celebrated with equal zest and fervor in cities where there are temples of Jagannath. Over the last 50 years, this pan-Indian festival has assumed transnational proportions with the Hare Krishna movement celebrating it annually in cities all over the world.

Three lords travel through their respective chariots, which are specially made of them every year as per century old styles and specifications. In terms of splendor, devotion and grandeur and liveliness, Rath Yatra is the grand and one of the most memorable festival of not only Odisha but also India.

2018 Rath Yatra is not the festival of Puri, it is the festival of Odisha culture and traditional, which still maintains its glory. This festival represents descent of divine love from the spiritual to material realm and from temple to whole India and rest of the world.

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