Why Should You Choose History As a College Major?

History deals with the study of past events and culture. This discipline of social science helps us to analyze our developments by comparing them with the past. It has been been one of the favourite options for first-year college students since centuries. And, today even though most of the scholars are inclined toward advanced degree programmes in engineering, medicine, and IT, this traditional discipline has not lost its popularity even a bit. Here our history dissertation help experts have mentioned the various reasons for which scholars consider to study this history:
1. Transferable skills

Though many think that history is all about studying stories or records related to the past events, that’s only the partial truth. In this subject, you get to learn the skills related to many other fields, such as statistics, data management, and political science. Apart from this, by studying history, you get to hone your decision-making abilities. And, most importantly it will enhance your writing abilities because to perform well in internal assessments, you will have to learn how to write essays, dissertation, and theses.  
2. Broaden your perspective

The modern world problems can seem terrifying for many, but history experts rarely get upset by them as they have already felt what the world was like in the past. With a good knowledge of this subject, one can compare how the world is improving day by day and becoming a safer place to live. Many problems that the world is facing today seem smaller when they are compared to the ones that humanity has already overcome. Moreover, history also gives important clues for making strategies to deal with the future events. 

3. Provides cultural awareness

By studying the history of different nations, we can understand the root of their cultural values. For instance, by looking at the history of Western nations, we can analyze why racism is still a problem instead of the abolition of slavery and strong laws against it. Students of this learn to accept multiple perspectives and changing global contexts which is important to survive and thrive in this world.
4. Contributes to moral understanding

By studying this subject, we come to know about many individuals who are remembered for their skills, courage, and diligence. This allows us to test our own moral sense and use them to survive in challenging situations. There is a common saying “History is philosophy teaching by examples”. This means it offers evidence about the consequences of carrying various actions under different circumstances. Further, studying this subject helps us understand the struggles faced by our ancestors to survive in this world.  
5. Useful in the world of work

There are numerous job opportunities for history students. With a graduation degree in this field, you can work in museums, libraries, media centres or choose to step your feet in corporate world. Employers often prefer to hire the employees with a history degree for position of research analyst, PR, and CSR executives. What else, there are enough opportunities for explorations in this field, so it is wise to become a research analyst or a lab technician.
Now it must be clear to you that by studying history one can develop some salable skills that will come by gaining access to a wide range of human experiences. But whether you choose it as a major should depend on your personal interest as you must find the joy of delving into the past to unfold human records.  
Summary- Read this article to know the benefits of choosing history as a major subject in college.

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