In this first edition of Interview with an Engineer, we sit down to talk with Applications Engineer, Carlos Alvarenga, and learn more about his role at DECO Lighting and the passion that drives him forward. From designing lighting layouts for our customers to running performance tests on LED fixtures, Carlos handles a wide variety of tasks in his role. Much of the expertise he brings to our company comes from his background in architectural studies, so we wanted to learn more about this background and the different approaches he takes when working on designs.

DECO: What is your role here at DECO and what are some different tasks that you handle?

CARLOS: My title is Applications Engineer and some of the things I work on daily are photometric layouts, customer service support, analyzing and updating IES data, and using our newly-acquired NFMS to run performance tests on fixtures.

 DECO: What drives you when designing layouts and working in the architectural space?

CARLOS: Competition is what gets me up and running every day, and I enjoy modeling the spaces to get them as close to the real installation. Having to bid on projects against the competitors and winning is something I always look forward to.

 DECO: How do you typically go about starting a project and working to meet the customer’s specifications?

CARLOS: Efficiency is always the key, to use less poles, consume less power,  and make the project as safe and compliant as possible. In most of the designs I try to use the “less is more” approach but not all projects are the same.

DECO: What are some interests that you hold outside of DECO and the lighting industry?

CARLOS: I’m a movie-goer, kayaker, music listener, amateur chef, camper, sneaker collector, comic book reader, and painter. I design my own furniture and sunglasses among other cool objects.

 DECO: In the LED lighting industry, what do you see in terms of current trends and exciting possibilities for the future?

CARLOS: Currently the custom retrofit options that Deco’s engineering department offer are something that has impressed me. Knowing we can utilize any existing housing from a competitor and offer an optimal solution at the same time reducing waste and showing the reuse. I also am interested in the OLED development, this technology will be seen more and more as it’s improved.

 DECO: Thanks for your time, Carlos, we enjoyed learning more about your interests and what motivates you in this role.

Keep an eye out for the next edition of Interview with an Engineer!

Applications Engineer, Carlos Alvarenga, works on a lighting layout for DECO.

Applications Engineer, Carlos Alvarenga, works on a lighting layout for DECO.

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