Causes of Ear Pain in Children

Causes of Ear Pain in Children

When it comes to children, ear pain is quite common, but that does not mean you, as a parent, should ignore it. Several things can cause pain in the ear, such as teething, or it can be because of an underlying disease. Whatever the reason, you should consult a doctor if the child is in pain.

Causes of Ear Pain

According to an ENT Specialist in NCR Delhithere are five conditions that can be the cause of pain in the ear. These conditions are explained below:


1.Otitis Media with Effusion- When the eustachian tube that connects the ear and nose gets blocked, fluid starts to collect in the back of the eardrum. It can cause temporary hearing loss but can be helped with medication. If it persists for over three months, the doctor may suggest tympanostomy tubes to drain the fluid.

2.Swimmer’s Ear- Often caused due to an infection because of water collection in the external ear canal. If the skin gets damaged or scratched, it develops an infection. Antibiotic drops help in getting rid of the infection, while ibuprofen controls pain.

3.Ear Infection- When the fluids collect in the back of the middle ear in the eustachian tube, it blocks the nose, and viruses and bacteria start to grow there. It can sometimes lead to pain. It can also be due to respiratory infection in winter. Antibiotics are used for treatment.

4.Temporomandibular Joint disorders- It is more common in children over the age of 10 years. ENT doctor in Ghaziabad explains that it refers to the problems in the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull, which results in pain in the ear. Pain is accompanied by headache, facial pain, and pain while chewing.

5.Eustachian tube Dysfunction- Eustachian tube helps maintain pressure in the eardrum and clear the secretions in the middle ear. Symptoms of its dysfunction are decreased hearing, tinnitus, or popping in the ear. It can be the result of underlying allergies such as rhinitis, laryngopharyngeal reflux, or rhinosinusitis.


Other Possible Reasons for Ear Pain

Some of the other reasons, according to ENT specialist in NCR Delhi, for ear pain that is less common include wax build-up, foreign body in the ear canal, sinusitis, pharyngeal infection, etc. It is wiser to let a qualified doctor diagnose it.


Taking care of Ear Pain

  • Laying down can worsen the pain, so ensure that the child remains seated or sleep with his head elevated.
  • Use ibuprofen to help with pain instead of aspirin.
  • Refrain from inserting anything in the ear. Use a cloth to clean the pinna.
  • Warm Compresses help to ease the pain.

When to Call the Doctor

Contact your physician immediately if:

  • The child gets a fever
  • Pus or blood is coming out of the ear.
  • The pain becomes worse, and ibuprofen is not helping.
  • The ear starts to swell or become abnormally red.


If your child is in pain, get in touch with Santosh hospital. We are the best ENT specialist Hospital in Ghaziabad and have a team of specialists at call around the clock. We have resources and experience to treat children and have successfully helped them.



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