The Benefits of Hand Car Wash over Automatic Washing

Talk about car detailing and the first things that come to mind is the set of professionals who come forward to clean your vehicle both inside out. While some think that DIY gets to be a better option, what they forget is that professional help brings good results as there are better cleaning techniques involved. While car detailing may include automatic washing or hand washing, depending on the time and the convenience are things considered.

When there is this continued argument over hand washing and automatic washing, the former is what walks away with the trophy. Even though automatic cleaning gets rid of the dirt in a faster way, it can cause multiple problems to the car in the days to come. Here are the reasons that show the benefits of hand washing your car over automated washing techniques.


Not always are automated machines upgraded

While not much attention is paid to the machine that cleans cars automatically, there are times when the parts are dysfunctional and outdated. This results in creating scratches and dents on the car exteriors which comes to notice only when the washing is complete and it is out to dry. With hand washing, there are no machines involved and so perfect cleaning techniques are put to use. Proper care is taken to ensure that there are no scratches on the car body.


 Automatic cleaning can leave scars

When it comes to car cleaning with automatic machines, it is somewhat as that of pressure washing which can get abrasive for the car. Minor scratches and chip off can be the result of automatic washing which isn’t prevalent for hand washing. During hand washing, the experts for car cleaning are known to make use of soft sponges, soapy water and other cleaning agents that stay soft on the car body.


Hand washing reaches challenging to clean areas     

When it comes to cleaning cars, there are multiple areas which are difficult to clean and can only be reached manually. With automatic cleaning, all of that cannot be achieved as not always can the pressure washer reach undercarriages and difficult to reach corners. This makes it easier to receive well-cleaned cars without having to worry about the dirt staying back and causing trouble with the condition of the car.


Car damages are identified

When a professional for car exterior and interior cleaning gets on to clean your car with their hands and using cleaning agents, it is often seen that they identify problems with the car as they look closely. Broken parts or probably dents on the car body is noticed, and that is accordingly taken care of by bringing it to your attention. This is not the case with automatic washing as that is known to just wash with the robotic machinery and that is all for you.

While there is always this debate on which car cleaning method is a better option, hand cleaning wins the race any day where there is precision involved.  Even though automatic cleaning gets to clean heavy dirt and caked mud from the car at a faster rate than hand washing, it doesn’t get to keep a track on precision. 

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