How to prepare a caravan for storage?

Planning a family getaway, you need a caravan. It is great to squeeze in a small space with the bunch of people you love the most. Despite the cost of a caravan, the value associated to it makes it a right investment.

The first and foremost thing to do is sorting the belongings. This will be a tireless job as you need to judge your precious items. There will be piles of shoes, old, ripped denims, tops that no more fit you but have emotions attached and more. Remember, it is time to be strict and choose only what is important to you. Make separate piles of like items and take away clothes that are of no use anymore.

However, not maintaining and preparing a caravan for the off season storage is one of the biggest mistake one can commit. If you are a caravan owner and have paid little importance to its storage maintenance, here is how you should prepare your caravan for storage and bless it with longevity:

Cleaning the caravan:

Cleaning the caravan inside out is very important. This will make sure you get a fresh and untampered caravan readily available on the start of the new season. Here are a few steps to take:

  • Empty the caravan:

First and foremost, take out all the food items available inside the caravan. To make sure everything is emptied, you should check in a methodological manner. Start checking the cupboards, drawers, under the bed and other furniture. You should also remove any expensive items from the caravan and other items that can leave a smell in the caravan.

  • Scrub and clean the caravan interior:

Make sure you have no stains and filth left inside the caravan. Scrub all the surfaces and wipe them with a clean cloth. Use vacuum cleaner to ensure no dust builds up during the lock in period.

Also, do not forget to clean and lock the fridge and freezer. To avoid further filth, seal lock all the vents that can allow dust to seep in and settle.

  • Exterior cleaning:

Just like inside, it is important to clean the caravan from outside. You can wash and dry the caravan. There are several types of sealers available in the market that prevents the paint and finish of your caravan interior. Buy a quality sealer and apply it all over the interior.

  • Put a cover:

To make sure your caravan is safe and secure in the public storage, cover it up. Buy a quality cover for caravan and keep the exterior protected.

Mechanical tips:

It is important that you keep your caravan mechanically checked before you deposit it in the storage. For this you must ensure that:

  • The caravan battery has been plugged out after it reaches the storage unit
  • The tyres have air before and after the storage
  • You have grease the hitches to ensure it retains the flexibility.
  • No electrical item inside the caravan is plugged to the switch board.

Your closet organization widely depends upon the folding of the clothes. Neat folding not only help create more space in the closet, but it also help you maintain your clothes. There are several videos on YouTube that show how you can fold your clothes in a way that you have more space in the cupboard. Watch a few of them and learn the art of folding clothes to contribute to your closet.

Once you have cleaned, prepared and delivered you caravan at a storage unit, you can now rest assured that it is safe and ready to go for the next season. However, the choice of the storage unit makes a lot of difference in how you caravan will be after the storage.

You must ensure that you choose the best public storage near me. Also, choosing climate controlled storage units is an added advantage that you can get from the storage provider.

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