How to Ensure Your Mobile Phone Lasts Longer

You will be surprised how expensive phones are these days, especially the very good ones. It could feel like having a bad report from a doctor when for one reason or the other, you phone simply gets bad, more so when you wreck your phone beyond repairs and you just have to get a new one. If you have ever bought a good phone with money you worked for, you definitely know that from the time of purchase, you simply expect the phone to last for as long as you live. After all why should it be so expensive if it would not last longer than the cheaper ones in the marker. However, the longevity of a phone’s existence and proper functionality cannot always be left entirely to the make or design of the phone. Neither is the price always a pointer to how resistant the phone can be to destructive factors. Some expensive phones are designed with extra precautions taken to prevent mobile phone damage from ordinary things like water, dust, a fall or even cell phone viruses. That is why we have things like water resistant and water proof phones, dust resistant and gorilla glass designs or screen guards to protect your screen. All these are geared towards ensuring that a phone can last longer than it’s previous versions or others in the market. But no matter how good the manufacturing is, we are still to have a phone which cannot get bad under any and every circumstance. This means that the owner of the phone has a role to play and how he or she takes care of the phone will invariably determines how long it will last.

Use a phone case

The idea of using a phone case has been very long in existence now but they are a testimony of the fact that people need and desire more than trust in manufacturers for their phones to last long enough. There are so many types of phone cases now to ensure that you don’t wreck your phone. With the need to protect your smart phone is an accompanying desire for style. So phone cases, though primarily to protect phones are of different types, designs and prices. It is ironical to know that some phone cases are almost as expensive as the phones they are meant to protect. Those ones are definitely for people who probably want more beauty that the phone has. But if you buy a phone case with the singular desire to protect your phone, you don’t need to worry about the cost. You can always find a good one at a very cheap price.

Some phone cases are leather made, others are made of rubber while others even include metals to re-enforce the effectiveness with which they can protect your phone. Two things you should take note of when buying a phone case are its inner and outer design. These two generally determine how effective the case will be in preventing mobile phone damage. Ensure that the internal design holds the phone firmly and cannot be easily taken off. The internal design should also be conducive enough to prevent the phone from damages when it falls while in the case. The main thing to take note of about the outer design should be the ease and firmness with which one can grip the phone. Some nice looking phone cases are very smooth and as such difficult to grasp firmly. This means though the phone is protected or covered, the tendency for it to slip through your hands is simply higher, sometimes than would have been the case if it was without a phone case. So even with some phone cases, the tendency for you to wreck your phone is still high.

Find a phone case that gives you a good grip on the phone and reduces the chances of it sleeping through your fingers. Those made of plastic and leather with a somewhat rough finishing are definitely better. Those which have really become popular because of their effectiveness in maintaining grips are the ones that include the much liked Spigen Style Ring. It is actually a separate accessory on its own but because of its efficiency and added advantage, many phone case manufacturers add it to attract customers. The ring, while attached to your phone or its casing can rotate a full 360 degrees and bend on either side 180 degrees. This simply means it is very convenient to use and your finger are safe from damage. But apart from enhancing grip, one other advantage that seduces customers is the fact that the ring can be use as a stand when watching videos with your mobile.

Buy a screen protector

The prices of some things these days will leave you wondering whether manufacturers are simply wicked, confused or dump. Probably they are business men who are looking to make the most profit they can. First considering the fact that some phones actually cost more money than a good laptop, there is great need to understand everything necessary to avoid a situation where you wreck your phone. What is very ironical is the fact that replacing some phone screens if they get broken is so expensive, you will definitely consider just buying a new phone. It is not a very nice position to be in when your phone screen cracks. That is why getting a screen guard or protector is now an absolute necessity in order to protect your smart phone. It may cost a few dollars to get one but you can be very sure that the amount will be nothing compared to what you will have to pay to replace the screen when it gets broken or make a replacement if you wreck your pone. Get a phone guard and it will take changing it more than ten times to even come close to the actual cost of replacing the screen of a good phone.

The next aspect of screen guards that have to be taken special note of to protect your screen is changing the screen guard whenever it is compromised. They are like any other protective glass. Its ability to withstand mobile phone damage and protect your screen reduces every time it cracks. If you get a serious crack on you screen guard, be sure to replace it before the next time the phone falls. Allowing the screen guard to be destroyed to a particular level is another way of compromising the real screen. The last measure to take to protect your your screen when using screen guards is to make sure that the screen guard you use actually covers the entire screen. The sides of the screen should be entirely covered so that in case it drops while the screen guard is on, it does not become compromised from the sides.

Take measures against dropping your device

One very quick way of destroying a mobile phone is by dropping it. Even if only the screen gets broken by the fall, you will definitely have to spend some money to replace it. We mentioned using the right phone casing earlier and how with other accessories it can help prevent your mobile phone from dropping or protect your screen. But those are not the only things you could do to protect your smart phone. Whenever you use your phone, don’t hold it casually. Make sure you have a firm grip on it so that in case someone shakes your hand or some other emergency issue happens, the phone does not drop. Learn to hold your phone with both hands when using it unless you have to do something with the other hand. If the other hand is occupied and you have to to hold it with just one hand, be sure to have your fingers properly gripping the edges of the phone.

The next next thing is to avoid keeping you mobile phone in open hand bags or shallow pockets. Ladies should always be sure to close their bags when the phone is in it. If you choose to put your phone in your pocket, make sure that the pocket is deep enough to completely swallow the phone. If not, it is better you hold it. Some jean pockets have buttons close to the pocket opening and that can wreck your phone screen. These could damage the screen if pressure is applied when it is in the pocket and you seat with it. Also avoid putting your phone in your back pocket. It is one of the best ways to protect your screen or the entire phone from damage. It is very easy to forget that your phone is in your pocket and seat on it before recalling. By then it could have been seriously damaged.

Battery care

Since the battery powers your phone and is a very important part of it, it is important to take good care of the battery to ensure that it lasts long. There are certain things you should or should not do to protect your phone batteries.

First, if you use a compact leather or rubber casing for your phone, always remember to take it off while charging it. Though it is not normal for a phone battery to heat up to a particular degree while charging, there is some small amount of heat being released. The problem is, the battery has to be cooled off as the heat is lost to the surrounding atmosphere but with the casing on, that process is prevented or dangerously slowed down. So after a few minutes of charge, the battery temperature goes up to dangerous degrees and within a very short period of time, you will need to replace it.

Secondly, don’t use your phone while charging it. It is a common instruction that too many people ignore. Those who are always very glued to their phones will usually find it especially difficult obeying this instruction but you should, if you want a longer lasting battery. Charging your phone and using it at the same time means it is receiving and using power simultaneously. The battery has to process the power it receives so that it is usable without resulting in mobile phone damage. But when both processes happen at the same time, its ability to keep power is reduced. This is similar to a human being who eats while working. There is a process called rest when the body and it’s digestive system have to properly process what you eat. If you ignore the importance of being at rest while eating, the food will be of little or no use to you because a large portion of it will simply be excreted.

In addition, when you charge your phone while it is on, be sure to disconnect it from the Internet. Using your phone while it is connected to the Internet usually causes over heating because of the processes that it carries out at the same time.

Use the recommended charger only. Different chargers process electricity in different ways. That means while one charger could be capable of sending in a particular amount of power to the phone and it’s battery, another will send less. Phones are also designed to receive power within a particular range. If the amount of power a charger sends to a phone is too much, it could destroy the phone or its battery or both. Some other chargers are just not designed to charge some phones. Using such chargers is another way of destroying your battery or the phone.

Avoid water damage

A few phone brands are waterproof, others are water resistant, the majority are neither waterproof or water resistant. That’s why you have to first be careful what phone you buy and more importantly how you use it. For those who don’t know that there is a difference between waterproof and water resistant or can’t tell them apart, it is important you understand that waterproof does not mean the same thing as water resistant. While water resistant phones are designed to withstand or prevent some degree of water damage, that advantage is limited. The phone can only stand some level of compromise with regards to water. Water resistant phones also have openings such as the charging port closed by an impenetrable covering. In case it is destroyed, the water resistant feature of the phone is damaged. The difference between water resistant and water proof phones is in the fact that unlike the former, the latter is actually built to be impenetrable or indestructible by water. Water resistant phones have some limitations when it comes to damage but waterproof phones have no limitations. If you decide to get a waterproof phone, it will be easier to protect your smart phone as far as water damage is concerned.

Avoid overheating phone

Apart form having an over heated battery, your phone itself could be over heated and get destroyed because of the heat. That is why you need to take some measures against overheating your phone. First, if your phone case is air tight and allows little or no escape of heat, you need to take it off when you charge the phone. This will go a long way to ensure that the case does not keep heat unnecessarily which could invariably destroy it. Also avoid using your phone while it is on charge. Using a phone while it charges, especially with mobile data on is a great way to overheat your phone and it will definitely destroy the phone if taken to extremes. If you must use the phone while you charge it, be sure to turn off data services before doing so.

Theft protection

Since we are looking at measures you can take to ensure that your phone lasts, it is important that we consider how you can protect your smart phone by preventing phone theft. After all the phone would not last if it is stolen. There are some applications that can help you find your phone if it is stolen. However, most of them are not really effective because most thieves will know exactly how to disable the tracking app so that you are not able to use it when finding your phone. Apart from tracking your phone, you can secure it by using some advanced security measures like finger print security which keeps your phone from being accessed by others. For those with good security systems like recent Iphones, you can be pretty sure that the security will actually make a difference as far as theft is concerned.

You can also get a phone insurance policy that ensures that your mobile is replaced if lost under certain circumstances.

Avoiding Viruses

Cell phone viruses are also a formidable threat to your device safety. Like computers, it is possible for Cell phone viruses to attack your phone and do some serious damage that could even require that the phone is changed if you can’t find someone to solve the problem. There are some measures you can take to keep your phone free of viruses in order to prevent mobile phone damage through viruses. One of them is to avoid making transfer of files between gadget unless you are very sure they are free of viruses. Viruses could be transferred even through blue tooth so it is important to know what device you are sending or receiving files from. It is better to transfer small files through WhatsApp instead of blue tooth.

It is sometimes difficult to go for some time without getting random files from friends, so it will be best you simply get an anti virus installed on your phone and set it to run automatic checks whenever you download or receive files. That way you are pretty sure of every file that is scanned and free of cell phone viruses before storing it in your phone. Make sure the anti virus is always updated. There are people dedicated to developing viruses and those virus are upgraded quite often. This means with an outdated anti virus version, you will hardly be able to withstand new threats. In order to avoid updating manually, set your phone to automatically download and install updates when ever they are available on-line. To effectively avoid cell phone viruses, it is also advisable to have your phone set to restrict installation of files and applications from unknown sources. Get applications from trusted websites only.

Keep it in the right pocket (free of coins and other metals and also freely movable)

Most people, especially men in certain professions usually carry metallic or sharp object in their pockets. You can wreck your phone by keeping it in the same pocket with such objects. The simplest thing to be destroyed when your phone is in your pocket with such objects is the screen. Those who can’t help keeping their phones in the same pocket with such object have to get really good phone bag and screen guards. But you must also be warned that even screen guards may not effectively protect your screen if you keep it in the wrong pocket with the wrong objects.

 Keep it out of the reach of children

Your mobile phone is not a toy. At least the price of the phone should always remind you of this one fact fact. I know you love your kids but allowing them play with your phone is not a good way to demonstrate that love. If they destroy the phone, you will feel bad about it, but more than the feeling, you will actually have to replace the phone. So keep your phone where children are not able to reach it.

Clean it the right way

Sometimes, phones too get really dirty, especially for those who get involved in certain activities within the day. But you can wreck your phone by cleaning it the wrong way. Be sure to always use a clean and dry cloth when cleaning a phone. Don’t use water or detergent. If you think it is too dirty, take it to a technician to do the cleaning.

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