Career Opportunities for Aspiring Hairdressers in Australia

Some people who are passionate about hairdressing are under the impression that becoming a hairdresser is a pretty bad idea. Some may say that there is no money in the hairdressing industry – but these are the individuals who know little about this industry. The truth is, if you have the talent, dedication, and passion, you can make a great career out of hairstyling. If you are really passionate about hairstyling, then instead of finding a job that will just bore you, why don’t you do what you love? There is nothing more rewarding than doing something you are passionate and making a career out of it, after all there are many institutions that offer hairdressing courses. That’s what you call genuine career satisfaction.

You may ask what the opportunities are for hairdressers living in Australia. Actually, there is a handful. Listed below are some of the many job titles you can grab after finishing your hairdressing education and training.


Hairstylist or Hairdresser

Hairdressers are the pride of hairdressing salons; the workhorses, warriors, and artists of salons, if you may. The job responsibilities of hairdressers are nowhere easy because they are usually subjected to hours of working on their feet, and meticulously attending to clients. As it is, they are required to have specific set of skills that they have acquired through years of training and practice. The usual responsibilities of hairdressers include consulting with clients, shampooing, conditioning, and rinsing clients’ hair, cutting hair using razors, scissors, or clippers, shaving and trimming facial hair, drying and styling hair with the use of brushes and combs, advising clients with regard to hair care, cleaning the salon and equipment, and selling products to clients.


Session Hairdresser

Session stylists are responsible for ensuring clients achieve the look they want. These professionals commonly work in the entertainment, fashion, and commercial industries. They usually work with other professionals like photographers, fashion designers and stylists, models, actors, film directors and producers, as well theatre directors and producers. Session stylists almost share the same job responsibilities of hairdressers only that they do not work in salons. They may work on-call so they may have to travel from one place to another. Perhaps the main difference of session stylists and salon hairdressers is that the former may have to work closely with other professionals in order to successfully accomplish the project (e.g. fashion photo shoot, film shooting)


Business Owner or Manager

Experienced hairdressers or session stylists may become managers of salons or hairdressing business. A hairdressing manager is responsible for the overall operation of the salon, including managing hairdressers, budget, business plan, marketing campaigns, and customer relations. Probably the most challenging role of hairdressing managers is making sure that the business stays afloat, ensuring that clients will return and that the salon maintains a good reputation in the market. They may also be responsible for salon logistics like equipment and supplies procurement. Seasoned hairdressers may also open their own business. They may establish their own hairdressing salon or launch a brand selling hairdressing products and supplies. Many of today’s successful hairdressing businesses are run and owned by former hairdressers.

If you are interested in jumpstarting your career in the hairdressing world, then go check out some schools in your area that offer quality hairdressing courses. If your concern is tuition fees and other related fees, you should that there are beauty schools that offer scholarships through VET FEE Help. Don’t let minor problems get into your way into becoming a professional hairdresser, session stylist, or business owner. There is no better time to start your career than yesterday and today. 

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