Let’s Kill the Hunger before it Kills the Humanity

The humans; the so-called intelligent species on the earth has become the most foolish creature on the planet. Yeah, this is neither a funny statement nor a mindless verbal assertion. No creature dies of hunger, but when you look at the number of people die out of hunger every year; you are bound to question the legitimacy of the human intelligence.

This is an epidemic, and the world is suffering; in fact, nearly 1000 millions of people are chronically hungry; more than 5000 people die every day in India due to starvation. Have you ever thought who is responsible for this? Well, we all are responsible; hence, do help worldwide and let the humans eliminate the hunger pain out of their lives.

How to eliminate hunger?

To eliminate the problem, you have to look at the problem objectively and understand the issue; in fact, the solution lies in the problem itself, but we never look at it closely. The communists’ have their own idea of eradicating hunger from the earth, the capitalists’ have their own set of agenda and socialists’ carry their self-aggrandizing ideas.

We are caught in the battle of the ideas, not finding the solution. Can we simply donate money for needy people? They need resources and food, not our glorified ideas.

Now, every human has this tendency of throwing responsibility to someone else; we all want someone else to take care of the problem like the government, but we fail to understand that we are part of the government and society.

Do not get confused; in fact, it is simple. Are not we collectively make the society, if you look closely, you will understand that society exists as an idea but in reality, there are only humans, you see humans; you deal with humans and talk to humans; have you ever seen society as an entity? So, it is every human’s responsibility to eliminate the hunger.

Nobody is asking to give away all your money; that will be stupid, you can simply donate things for needy people and bring smiles on their lips. A packet of bread can soothe the hunger pain of a malnutrition kid.

Somehow, the humans have lost the sensitivity towards the fellow human being. We can spend a staggering amount of money on pets, but when it comes to feeding a human, we tend to have different ideas. Why do we fail to help the poor people?

The humans have gone too far in the quest of achievements and unfortunately, every human looks like a competitor to us and then, of course, we have this idea of the survival of the fittest that brought havoc. Cannot we collaborate and help the poverty-stricken people?

Do your achievements and ambitions make any sense if you cannot bring a smile and cannot understand the real problem of the world? Of course not! You might drive a beautiful car or live in mansion, but at the end of the day what matters is who you are and what you do to develop the world. So, get help worldwide and let the hunger fade away from the earth.


About Us.

Get do help is social portal on which Needy and Poor people can post his requirement details and our team with volunteers will try his best to help those persons. You can donate here money or things like clothes, shoes, books, tricycle etc. for needy and poor people. Share your hand with us to Help Needy and Poor People at Get Help or Do Help to Needy and Poor Worldwide.



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