Implement These 6 Brilliant Tips For Embellishing Bar Trolley

When it's Saturday, and you need to get into the party mode, bar trolley comes rolling over the wheels to quench your need. Bar trolleys are the fantastic furniture units that are being used by everyone with a bar at their residence.
Bar trolleys were once thought of as an entity that was long gone, but these are back with a bang. Earlier people used to drink only on special occasion, now they don't need a reason to party, they cherish every little happiness with a toast, and at this time bar trolleys come in handy.

Load up the ice buckets and showcase your exquisite and intoxicating collection of vinos on the wooden bar trolleys.
As Bar trolley will be the showstopper in your home bar area or living room, it is essential to deck up the bar trolley with some extras to add extra charm.

Let’s see the different ways to spruce up the wooden bar trolley.

1. Add height to the bar trolley:
Bar trolley looks plain and simple, so add something that adds height to this furniture unit. For an instance, include a shaker, this not only adds height to the bar trolley but also serve as a visual treat.
You can also place a serving tray, this will help you gather all the glass wares, and this will also save the wooden material from the water stains.

Don't forget that these bar trolleys are the simple entities that can be molded according to your wish, hence stash your drinkware and other classic glass collection. This will create a gorgeous appeal in the home bar.

2. Add colors for a fun look:
You can introduce colorful stir sticks, straws, fruits, etc., so, get those stripy straws and crystal stir sticks and place a bowl of lemon. This will surely uplift the entire ambiance in seconds and this will also limit your visits to the kitchen for small things.

3. Use it for other purposes than booze:
The bar trolleys can be used for other purposes, just slide them out of the bar area, and you have several options to opt for!!
Let us have a glimpse of what else you can do with a bar trolley.

  • A coffee cart: You can convert your wooden bar trolley into a coffee bar by merely placing the essentials such as kettles, coffee machine, coffee mugs, sugar, etc., on the shelves of the bar trolley and serve your guests.
  • A serving Tray: A lazy bee? Wooden bar trolleys can be converted into a place to serve brunch or breakfast into the bedroom. You can move it in the room with ease as it has wheels beneath.
  • A storage Unit: A bar trolley can be used as a storage space in the kitchen to assemble all of your saucers, ketchup bottles, spices etc. You can also hang cups and spoons and attain an enticing look.
  • A place to keep your night lamp: You can use it as a bedside table, place the lamp, mobile phones, and keys next to you while sleeping. You can use the shelves beneath to stack up your exclusive collection of books and magazines.

4. Stash all your pretty booze bottles and other equipment:
Take out all the prettiest bottles of vino that you own and showcase them on the wooden bar trolley. Also, create visual interest by stacking up the bar trolley with the other equipment required while preparing a cocktail such as ice bucket, martini shaker, strainer, ice tongs, stirrer, colorful straws or other straws, cocktail napkins, etc.
Ensure that the bottles are kept accurately so that when you move it around the room, the bottles don't stumble and fall.

5. Add Art for a magical effect:
If you have placed the bar trolley against the wall, then ensure that you mount an abstract art on the wall, so that it creates a complete magical effect. And, with all those colors, beautiful entities and the art, it will be a gorgeous nook in the living room.

These were some of the points that could be used by you to embellish your bar trolley. So, implement and see significant changes in the appeal of the room. Bar trolleys can turn an empty corner in the room into a charming place.
Bar trolleys come with shelves and drawers and can do much more than holding expensive wine bottles and other essentials. These are available online in a broad range of designs, sizes, types, and materials, bar trolleys not only provide functional value to space but also add some aesthetic value.

These can be used anywhere in the abode as these are equipped with wheels beneath them, which make it smooth to move them around.

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