How to Make a Blissful Investment with Reliance Pharma Fund?

Medicines are a necessity. The growing pollution and other harms that we are doing to Mother Earth has made almost every man a patient. Because of such reasons, the requirement of medicines and medical treatment have grown exponentially in the last 25-30 years. Rare diseases that were once only theoretically possible have now become as common as common flu. This has sparked a huge demand of quality medicines which can only be produced by multinational and other giant corporates.

Hence, for undertaking such a huge task requires huge funds, which is why Reliance Pharma Fund was launched in the market. The fund was born on June 5th, 2004 and has ever since stayed a loyal patron of the pharma industry. In the past three years, the growth was in tandem with the benchmark growth which is the reason it was able to lure a lot of investment into the pharma sector.

Hence, in order to provide the investors with necessary details and help the pharma industry to become stronger, we have come up with a detailed account on Reliance Pharma Fund (G). The details provided below will act as a navigator in creating a good investment plan that leverages on the growing pharma industry. Read the article in full and find out if the fund has all the necessary qualities to be on your watch list.

The Objective

For any mutual fund, the primary objective is to earn high growth and high income for its investors. What differs is there approach toward achieving this objective. Reliance Pharma Fund (Growth) being a Sectoral-Pharma fund leverages on the high end pharma companies that are capable of producing great yield. Thus results drawn by investing in these companies are tempting, which in turn helps the investors to achieve their own objectives.

The Portfolio

A sector-oriented fund mainly invests in the stocks of the companies pertaining to the sector it has targeted. Reliance Pharma Fund – Regular Plan (Growth) follows a pure equity investment that stands at about 99.50%. The assets are mainly applied in the pharma sector that tune up to 97.99%, with only a mild incorporation of financial industry. Further, the assets are broken into different categories of stocks where large caps hold the dominance with 46.74%, while the mid-caps and small caps enjoy a stake of 31.19% and 11.53%, respectively. Have a look at the major companies in which Reliance Pharma Fund has placed its assets: -

The Performance

When it comes to performance, Reliance Pharma Fund (G) stands in an altogether different league. The past three years have been phenomenal for the fund, where it has constantly moved in tandem with the benchmark and didn’t lose its grip in the market. The fund has stood well ahead in the league of pharma funds by giving 15.30% returns in the past five years. This figure is exponentially high in comparison to the benchmark (NIFTY Pharma) and the category average which stood at 6.15% and 12.49%, respectively. Further, the fund has yielded a marvellous figure of 20.91% till date which makes it one of the highest yielding pharma funds in India.

The Suitability

In a sector fund, there is an obvious presence of high risk since the investment is focused only on a single industry. This means that if the sector performs well then the fund is going to produce marvellous returns, but if something goes wrong and the performance of the sector plummets down then the results could be negative. Hence, it is advised that if you are seeking an investment in Reliance Pharma Fund  Growth, then you shall be prepared to tolerate high risk. Needless to speak, there is an efficient team handling the fund which keeps the risk factor well within the tolerance level, but this doesn’t guarantee a risk-free investment.

What Else?

If you are planning an investment in Reliance Pharma Fund, then you shall make up your mind for a long-term investment. This is because the fund is a volatile venture which means it won’t do you much good in the short-term. Hence, to take full advantage of the growth cycle you must plan an investment that extends to at least 5 years. Further, there is an exit load of 1% on redemption if done within 365 days of investment.

A long-term investment plan with Reliance Pharma Fund (G) is a perfect way to get started with a high energy investment. This fund is a powerful combination of growth and yield, which make it an alluring choice for the investors.

The fund dictates the importance and the suitability of Reliance Pharma Fund.

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