4 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Elegant


When it comes to giving your bathroom a luxurious look, there are multiple ways to achieve what you desire. Some put to use multiple accessories as well as expensive tiles that give about that feeling of grandeur to the room and making you feel no less than a king. While for the rest, a luxurious bathroom becomes a dream where they are known to make do with a simple bathroom with the basics.

Gone are those days when everything luxurious was expensive. In the present times, things are made in a way with a design that is marvellous yet easy on the pocket. When you plan to design or redesign your bathroom, it isn’t necessary that you will have to make things expensive and luxurious. While you think of bringing elegance to your bathroom without spending much, here are the ways you can achieve the same.


Do not play with colours

Some think that putting up multiple shades to the walls as well as the flooring would give that high-end looks. In fact, that is what gives it a messy look. If you intend to achieve elegance in the room, let there be just a single colour. Use a single colour for the walls and the ceiling and also ensure that the accessories have similar shades if not the same one.



Using tiles

Experts say that using large format tiles for the floors gives around a spacious feeling to the bathroom and that is what saves money as well where you have to spend less yet cover the floors the way you want it. You may want to add a bold and contrasting look by installing dark coloured tiles in the corners or probably creating a tile rug near the bathtub or the wash basin. This gives a feeling of your house being luxurious.       


Using a freestanding bath

For several, bathtubs are synonymous with luxury, and there is no doubt about that. When you use a back to wall freestanding bath in Perth for the bathroom, it becomes even more elegant. With its claw foot and the feeling of being a centrepiece is something that is just perfect for the looks that you have been longing for. A freestanding bath speaks for itself, and that is why you get to add to the luxury of the bathroom without having to spend much on it. Buy something that is made of acrylic or ceramic and watch your bathroom stand out.



Lend a bit of colour

Even though single colour for the bathroom spells elegance but giving it a tinge of colour in the form of coloured cabinets and mirror frames gives about that great look while making the bathroom look soothing yet catchy to the eyes. Colours shouldn’t be too bright or too pale. Moderate colours that you like can be used without going over the top.

When it comes to designing your bathroom without having to spend much you can always get help from professional designers as well as the Internet. Tutorials, as well as expert advice, is something that can give you a fair idea of what is right and how things can be implemented.

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