How To Deactivate The Writer's Block & Get Back to the Creative Mode

Undoubtedly, a writer is a very creative person. He plays with words and fine tunes the language. All in all, he pens down his thoughts beautifully. But at times, his mind is totally blocked, and short of creative ideas, because of which he cannot write anything. Well, that is called the writer's block.

In such a situation, here's what he or she can do to overcome this block -

Listen To Quality Music Or Go Shopping

If you're an indoor person, listen to some nice soulful music. And if you're dying to get outdoors, go shopping. You can now shop and pamper yourself with new clothes and shoes from ASDA with free gift cards.
Music and shopping are great therapies and immediately shoot up the feel good factor, and who knows, creativity may automatically just pop up.

Swim & Dance The Block Away

Indulge in activities like swimming and dancing. One refreshes you and the other helps you sweat it out. Swimming rejuvenates you and according to a study, dancing secretes those hormones, which help you express creativity.

Do Some Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation relax your mind. This helps you stay calm and begin writing like before again.

Relax and Enjoy Some Me Time

Stay away from your phone and TV. And simply do nothing. Spend some quiet time with yourself. And you're all sorted.

Go For A Long Drive Or A Long Walk

Talk to yourself in your room, or even better, go for a long walk in a peaceful place, where you can sort and figure out things going on in your mind. A nice long drive also helps.

Eat Healthy Yet Tasty Food

Eat something you like. But that doesn't mean you binge and gorge on oily, fried and junk food. Such food can adversely affect your brain.
Instead, why not opt for some healthy yet tasty stuff? There's this slimzone section of ASDA, where you get wholesome, nutritious yet yummy snacks and meals. You can now get such healthy food with free gift cards.

Write In The Midst Of Nature

When nothing comes to mind while writing indoors, choose a quiet time of the park or a garden, and sit there during that time and write. Writing in the midst of greenery and nature can work wonders.

Do Free Writing To De-clutter Your Mind

Do some free writing. Let your thoughts flow freely, and pen down anything under the sun. It's okay even if there are grammatical errors, you can ignore them and write, write and write...
That will help de-clutter your mind and get rid of the writer's block that is troubling you.

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