6 Valuable tips to light up every room in your house

6 Valuable tips to light up every room in your house

Light is one of the essential parts of any house to help you move around in the dark. Lighting doesn’t only let you see things but occupies a great part in the importance of interior beauty of the house. Be it a small room or spacious outdoors, lighting is required to create the ambience you desire. You should know how lighting works differently for each room to create the mood you wish. Here are some valuable and helpful tips to light up every room in your house that displays beauty with purpose as well!


Creating the best first impression possible is not as easy as it sounds. The entryway is the first thing people notice that represents as the index for what’s ahead inside your home. The entryway of your home shows a preview of what lies ahead inside. So it is always essential to light up your entryway in required corners to appear welcoming. Choose the right size foyer light depending upon the height of the ceiling to create an inviting first impression. Fix the accent lightings in case you have put something on display to make it clearly noticeable for the guests.

Living room

The living room is the only room where you watch television, play, and where most of the conversations happen. So your living room needs an accent, ambient and task light to balance the ambience and functionality. Ambient lighting such as the chandeliers is fixed for creating a unified illumination for the room. Place few table lamps to help you read which happens to be the task lighting. Layering the lights in the room can brighten up the space entirely that brings out a statement look for the wall arts and pictures hung on the walls.

Dining room

The dining room is extremely easy to light up as it always comes in the center around the table. Hang a pendant lighting fixture or chandelier to create the ambience that serves the best lighting to make your food look really mouth watery! Also, find fixtures that suit the size of the dining table, having too big or too small lighting fixtures for the dining table create really spoil the mood. Accent lighting is also added to the room by including scones on the sides of the painting or dining table.

Kitchen room

The kitchen is one most complicated room to fix lights because it is the only place we use every inch of the space. For cooking, cutting, store ingredients, and so many tasks take place in the kitchen room. Hang ceiling-mounted fixture in the central part of the kitchen island to create the ambience for the kitchen of your individual house. Most of the Gated community villas in OMR and so many other places are now coming up with spacious kitchen ideally for giving the space to handle every task at ease even in the morning hurry. So lighting up the kitchen room is simple if it is spacious. Ideally, ambient lighting gives a warm effect to the room. Task lights should be fixed above the cooking stove, sinks, basin, eating area and so on. Some of the interior designers are now installing under cabinet lightings to make things ridiculously easy for the residents.


The bedroom is no exception when it comes to lighting! Add task lighting by including lights for the bedside tables. But going beyond that is what makes your bedroom truly functional. Add task lightings for the dresser to get ready in the early morning darkness. Also, add accent lightings to display the artworks, murals, and pictures in your room with soft lights. Bedside and closet lighting are important as it helps voracious readers who like to read before going to sleep and the ones who get ready in the early mornings and dark evenings for work.


The bathroom is where we start and end our day after bedroom. It is the place where we wash off our day stress and begin our day with utmost freshness. Bathroom lighting should be as balanced as the kitchen room's lighting. Use dimmer switch lightings for best ambience. Bathroom needs lighting according to the timing in a day, whether its day or night and also to create spa-like surroundings. Also, add task and accent lights around the mirror to get your daily tasks like shave and applying makeup easier within time. 


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