6 Non-Boozy and Innovative Ways of Using Wine Racks In the Abode

If your new aim is to go ‘Sober' this year, you might be wondering about what to do with the exquisite collection of wines? Well, you can gift these to your friends or relatives, but the bigger picture here is how are you going to use the wine rack?

Wine stands apart from providing plenty of space to stack up things, also gifts the area with the necessary decor and beauty. These are the pieces which work well in every interior as well as in the exterior and are best for defining the style and personality of homeowners.

Wine racks are the perfect fit for those awkward corners and unused vertical spaces. This feature of wine racks makes them a flexible unit, thus providing you with the power to use these racks as something else.
So, a wine rack without wines is bothering you, that lingering taste of the well-rounded wines might be missing, but now that you are planning to leave then why not spend some time in repurposing the wine racks and forget about the booze?

Take a peek over the bright ideas I have penned down that are sure to add usability to this forlorn wine rack and also adds the beauty to the room.

1. Wine racks as a towel holder:
Create a chic towel rack by implementing few changes. If you own a wine bottle holder that has long and vertical frames or even a simple structured wine rack that only has vertical shelves, then you can simply use these shelves or bottle holder as a holder for rolled towels.

For more impact, you can paint it according to the theme of the bathroom or if you have a wooden wine rack, then get it re-sprayed with a glossy finish. This creative idea will give your bathroom a well-organised and clean look, and also you need not hang the towels on the hooks.
Not only towels you can even assemble your bath salts, shower gels or shampoo bottles in wine bottle holder.
Have a beautiful bathroom with this idea.

2. Booze-free wine stands, in the kitchen:
Come out of the boozing zone; there are bottles other than the bottles of vino. Sodas, vegetable oils, sauces and other containers in the kitchen are placed on the kitchen counter slab, right? Why not assign them a place on the wine racks, assemble bottles of oils, sodas, sauces and likes on the wooden wine rack.
Get the wooden wine rack mounted on the empty wall in the kitchen for easy access to everything.

3. As a bookshelf:
Are your books scattered in the living room? Then, create your personal bookshelf and enjoy ample space to store your literature in a well-organised manner. Do this by directly including wine shelf in the study room or living space and stack all your favourite books. Wine racks will not only provide an organised and decorative look but also save a few bucks as you won't need a bookshelf for the home.

4. A painter? Then, wine racks are for you:
This idea was used by me and believe me; it helped me a lot. With the ever-growing collection of acrylics, brushes and oil paints, I was finding it hard to maintain them.

I used the wine rack at my home and placed a plastic container in the wine bottle holder to keep all my brushes and paints.

You can even use the stylish wine rack to keep all your craft items like markers, colours, pens, crayons etc. in a sorted and organised way. You can use small cups to keep all these items and can attach the stand under a shelf or a cabinet for easy reach of the things.

5. Water bottle holder:
Stay hydrated all day by placing water bottles on the wine racks. Every time you move across the living space, you can stop to have water. This will help the room look cooler in the summers.

6. In the backyard or courtyard:
Another best idea is to use a wine rack in the home is as a planter stand. Place it in the balcony or in other areas of the room and display flower plants or small plants in the deep slots of this unit. This will add colours to the patio and make it look gorgeous. You can also use it as a centrepiece on the dining table or coffee table.

These are some creative ways to use wine racks in the home other than keeping the bottles of vino. Implement them and gift your home a fun and beautiful look. Wine shelves not only reduce the chances of incorporating other storage units but will also give the area an organised look.

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