5 Reasons Why Employee Background Verification is Necessary

As a recruiter, you always try to find the best talent for the organization. But, the question is: are the candidates showing their true nature when they give their resumes during the interview? In such a short span of time, it is impossible to know the true nature of the candidate. Most of the times it has been observed that candidates lie in at least some form in their resumes. With high stakes riding on you to recruit the best talent it becomes essential to scrutinize the information pertaining to the candidate so that the right individual gets selected for the vacant position. This endeavor can be achieved with the help of employee background verification.

There are times when the candidate may try to hide certain facets of their personality that can harm their chances of getting recruited. With the help of an employee background verification, you can unearth past wrongs of the candidate, including terrorism activities, criminal records, drug and substance abuse, sex offense, etc. Partner with any of the leading background verification companies in India and let them help you filter out candidates with questionable traits that can harm your workplace environment.

Here are some other reasons that make employee background verification very necessary while hiring a candidate:

1. Scares candidates having questionable records from applying

With the help of an effective employee background verification process, it is possible to find out those candidates who have questionable records. This makes such candidates highly susceptible thereby ensuring that such individuals do not apply for the vacant position in your organization. It also assists in weeding out undeserving candidates and you are left with quality talent pool to select the best talent.

2. Highlights past criminal records

While recruiting members into your workforce, organizations want to avoid hiring candidates with a criminal past. This is especially important to keep your workplace safe for your workers and clients. Although, there are chances that the candidate might have reformed their way to become law abiding citizens, you still have the right to know about their criminal past to make an informed hiring decision. This is only possible with the help of a comprehensive employee background verification. If you fail to conduct the background verification process and the candidate is a convicted sex offender, your employees can get sexually harassed that can lead to unnecessary harassment of your current employees. This makes it mandatory to conduct employee background verification.

3. Verifies the academic credentials of the candidate

Due to the competitive nature of the job market, there are times when certain candidates resort to lying about their academic credentials. According to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) almost half of the resumes consist of false information. The only way to scrutinize the academic qualification is by conducting employee background verification. It will help you to avoid hiring under-qualified candidates for crucial positions in the organization. There are times when a candidate requires a certain professional certification to be able to perform the job and the only way to ascertain that is with the help of a background check.

4. Keeps your workplace drug free

It has generally been observed that drug abuse in the workplace can result in reduced productivity. This makes it important for you as an employer to keep your workplace to be drug free. One way to ascertain that the new hires are not drug addicts or drug dealers is by conducting employee background verification. With the help of a comprehensive background check, you can find out such information which can be highly essential to make the best hiring decision. Background verification can also ascertain that past drug charges and current drug users without any past drug charges do not make it to your workplace.

5. Provides peace of mind

By conducting a comprehensive employee background verification, you can rest assured that the candidate can be trusted. It helps you to dodge common worries like: Is my new employee a vicious lawbreaker? Is my new employee a cheat? Is my new employee a mugger? Etc. By having a peace of mind you can concentrate on effectively running your business.


Conducting employee background verification is no longer an option for an organization. It has become a crucial element during the hiring process that helps recruiters to select the best candidates for their organization every time.

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