7 Reasons To Choose Timber Blinds In Australia

In more recent times, many homeowners have been avoiding the use of timber blinds in Australia. This is often the result of misconceptions regarding timber’s use as a window covering – some people believe that it will warp or become otherwise damaged as a result of sun exposure. It is important to understand that this isn’t actually the case – there are a number of reasons why you should consider these blinds, as outlined below.


  1. Better than Curtains?
    Many people choose blinds over curtains because they provide a total blackout option, making them great for privacy. They’re also more versatile, in that you can control the amount of light let in. If you really cannot choose between the products, they can also be used together.

  2. Sophisticated
    These blinds add a touch of sophistication to whatever room they’re installed in, which can give the space an instant makeover. If you’ve been feeling like your home is looking a little drab or dull of late, the best place to start is with some brand new window coverings.

  3. Natural Material
    Timber is a natural material, helping you to lessen the number of manmade products found in your home. One of the latest trends has seen a return to the use of natural materials, so you can rest assured that these blinds will fall under this category easily.

  4. Colour Blending
    The natural hues of timber blinds in Australia blend well with any colour scheme, ensuring that they’ll look right at home in your décor. All you need to do is choose a species or a stain that you think will work best. You also have the option to paint the slats if desired.

  5. Modern and Traditional
    These blinds can work in both modern and traditional homes – they aren’t relegated to one style or the other. So, whether your home is of the Victorian era or has more of a contemporary feel, you can rest assured that the window coverings will work wonderfully.

  6. Insulating Qualities
    The great thing about using timber is that it has great natural insulating qualities. This means that they’ll keep the heat out during summer and keep it in during winter, helping to keep your home as comfortable as possible over the duration of the year.

  7. Extensive Range
    These blinds are available in a variety of styles, including venetians and vertical. This ensures that you can choose a style that best complements your home and needs. It also ensures that there will be a product available that falls within your budget.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why timber blinds in Australia are such a good investment – there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t consider them for your home. If you don’t really like the natural appearance, simply paint the slats in the colour of your choice – they’ll look just as good as they did stained. If you’re having trouble choosing blinds that complement your home or meet your needs, be sure to seek professional advice.

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