Top mCommerce Priorities to Consider for Your Magento Store

mCommerce offers an instant connectivity between mobile users irrespective of their different geographical locations. It has become the fastest growing segment of eCommerce industry.

“mCommerce is all set to capture 49pc of online retail sales by the year 2020: according to a report by Javelin”.
This report also estimates that mobile commerce is currently grabbing a larger share market and has become the major growth engine of digital commerce. Overall, it offers various advantages like personalization, uniquity, and instant connectivity.

With this significant growth in the mobile commerce, the rise of various new market trends has taken place. Such trends should not be ignored as it can harm your overall eCommerce business to a great extent. Retailers need to ensure their mobile offering to be as optimized as possible.

More of Automation

Automation has taken control over almost every industry. eCommerce is also one of those and usually go hand in hand. And, there is always more scope for introducing automation as an essential aspect of your business marketing as well as operations.

In today’s technology-driven era, retailers, as well as consumers, prefer to deal with highly automated systems.

How can you achieve automation in your Magento mobile store?

Many processes that you before would have been doing manually can be automated to fasten the mCommerce. For e.g., you can increase the operational efficacy of your mCommerce by automating your point of customer contact, service, distribution, sales etc.

AR Revolution

The evolution of Augmented Reality (AR) related to eCommerce world is continuously booming despite the technology advances. It is a perfect technology to provide your customers with a real-time experience via their mobile camera. They can virtualize your products in their present surroundings.
You can create AR apps for your brand to allow your customers to realize the virtuality of your products. For e.g., Houzz AR app, via this app users can virtually place the furniture in the different areas of their home and make the purchase decision depending upon the actual fit of it.

The overall impact of AR is huge in the eCommerce industry. The major findings of a research done by retail perceptions are as follows:

- 40% of the consumers are ready to pay higher for the products if they could realize it via augmented reality.

- 61% of the consumers choose the brands that are offering augmented reality (AR) apps for shopping.

Fast & Seamless User-Experience

Mobile Commerce (M-commerce) is becoming the next big thing progressively. In the year 2018, smartphone users accounted for 62% in terms of online shopping as per a survey conducted. With this increasing preferences, retailers should not consider mobile commerce as a secondary option to trade.

“40% of mobile buyers will be more likely your online store due to poor mobile commerce services or any other issue while going through your web store’s mobile application.”

Thus, you are required to ensure fast and seamless user-experiences. Being a retailer, you need to leverage a highly responsive design on both desktop and mobile that minimizes the risk of customers going away from your online store.

Easy Checkouts

Offering easy or one step checkout is not limited to your web commerce only. It is equally important for mobile commerce as well. You can look for a talented Magento developer to get a customized checkout page depending upon your target audience need.

Over the past several years, digital commerce journey has taken multiple turns and various technical trends have continued to affect it in numerous ways. Mobile Commerce is an extended version of eCommerce and is taking up the market to a great extent. And, being a retailer you need to keep a check on the latest trends evolving every now and then to be competitive among others.

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