7 Ways to Use Serving Trays Creatively in Home

7 Ways to Use Serving Trays Creatively in Home

We make use of a serving tray in the home to serve guests and friends. It is a versatile piece that will add character, color and attractive shape to the place. Serving tray designs come in myriad options. They are lightweight and friendly. One can easily fill the tray with delicious food items, favorite cold drinks and more. Perhaps, it is a stylish way to serve everyone. It will give an inviting feel to every guest. Besides, trays are perfect for parties. They help to present snacks, starters and more in style. Also, it saves time and energy. You will find units made from different materials. Wooden units are extremely durable compared to other materials.

They add a natural touch to the place and also come in many shapes. You can buy the material of your choice. They all serve the same purpose and uplift the kitchen décor. Now, do you think it can be used only for serving and kitchen room? Well, you can creatively use them for other purposes. Do you want to know them? Yes, here is a write-up you need to finish reading for innovative use of trays. So let’s continue!

1. Common accessories- 

Remote control, sunglasses, keys, magazines and a smartphone are the common accessories you find at different places in the living room. Sometimes they make the room messy and unorganized. So, give a balanced look to the room, you can keep all these and other stuff in the tray. Keep the tray on the coffee table. Organize these items in the unit and give a well systematic look instantly. For the latest designs, explore serving trays online.

2. Display décor items- 

You can use the piece in the living room. You can keep it on the coffee table and fill the empty surface with decorative items like a small flower vase, candle stand, or a book and some tiny décor items on it. It will add a nice stylish touch to the place.

3. Make the dining table presentable- 

The dining table is usually empty before and after meals. You can make it presentable with a tray. You can bring your favorite tray out and fill it with snacks, fruits or keep a jar filled with water and empty glasses in it. It will make the place presentable and functional too. 

4. Store books- 

Book enthusiasts have many collections at home. They displayed them on a shelf or bookshelf. Well, what about the books they are reading currently? Or the incomplete book they want to read at night? They can store it in the tray and keep the set on the bedside table. Thus, easily access it. Besides, they can store other accessories like a wristwatch or earrings in it before going to bed.

5. Display crockery sets-

Do you want to create a space in the kitchen room for the bowl set and plates? The one you use daily or regularly? So that they are easily reachable. Well, you can make use of the wooden serving tray for displaying your regular crockery set. All you have to do is stack the bowls and plates in the tray. It will also create extra space in the room or solve your storage problem. Thus, you can quickly access them whenever necessary. This idea is ideal for all small kitchen rooms. Also, it gives a clean and beautiful look.

6. Store cosmetics- 

You can keep a tray on your dressing table. Fill the tray with the cosmetics you use daily like favorite perfume, nail polish, moisturizer, hair oil, skin cream and more instead of keeping them in different cabinets. It is a smart way to organize your make-up items. So try this idea and make your room clutter-free. 

7. Store kids playful accessories- 

Yes, you can use the unit in the kids bedroom to keep some playful items like cards, Uno, puzzles, Rubik’s cube, color pencil boxes, art, craft paper and more. You can add tiny accessories to it. Thus, solve the storage and organization problem. Besides, it will be convenient to access them the next time for kids. 

These are a few unique ways of using a serving tray in the home. They can be used from the living room to the bathroom to store and display items. They are space saver, functional and comfy. They will create a well-organized space in no time and make things easily available. 

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