9 Facile Ways to Use A Stool Effectively

Stools are the most versatile furniture units that can fit in any corner of any room of the house. And not only homes, but they can also be used in the backyard, garden porch etc.
Stools can be found at many commercial places, as these are readily available, light-weight and budget-friendly furniture units.
The market has many models of stools. These modular designs vary from each other by height, seating style, the shape of the seat, backrest availability, manufacturing material and other aspects.
These stools can be used in numerous ways. In the following points, I have mentioned some of the ways in which a stool can be effectively used.

Uses of A Stool

A Piece of Art
An excellent looking stool can be a wonderful piece of decoration. The market has an extensive range of good looking stools, both in metal as well as wooden material.
The metal stools come in beautiful and endearing colors. The wooden stools are available in different wood finishes such as walnut, honey, and mahogany that allure the surrounding interior in unique ways.
These furniture units can be simply placed in the living, bedroom, at the kitchen counter garden, balcony or any other place of interest, as a decorative item.

Keep by the bed
A stool can be kept by the bed for placing utility items like mobile phones, laptops, books. You can also adorn your bedroom with decorative items, placed on a stool near the bed such as lamps, vases and picture frames.

As kitchen stools
A stool can be very instrumental in the kitchen. You can use it at the kitchen island for accommodating seating option.
Special kitchen stools are also available in the market. You can choose a stool according to the kitchen interior—you can also select a wooden stool that matches the finish of the kitchen island.

As end table
Designer tables with upholstered seating, look very adorable by the side of sofa-sets. These stools can be used for placing things of utility. You can put your devices and their chargers, books, magazines etc. You can also place decorative items like flower vases, picture frames etc.

Arrange to make a coffee table
You can arrange two, four or more stools with their corners meeting each other in such a way that it makes a coffee table. Or you can place a wooden ply at the top, making it the table-top of the coffee table.
You can place such an arrangement in the living room, porch or anywhere else.
Wider stools can also be used as coffee tables for a single or two-seater arrangement.

As Footrests
Beautiful wooden stools, with upholstered seats, can be used as footrests in the living area. You can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing evening, lying on the sofa with your feet resting on the cushions of the upholstered stool.

Make a Plant Stand
You can use a stool for keeping the plants, near a window. You can make a personal nursery of plants in your porch by using stools.
Keep some stools in a single line. Now you can make two rows of plants, by keeping some of the plant pots at the bottom of the stools, while keeping the others at the top of the stools.

Gift Wrap station
If you are someone who often wraps gifts for your near and dear ones, you can use a stool for making your gift wrapping stand.
Invert the stool and keep rolls of wrapping papers on the inverted table-top, supported by footrests.

For Backyard Parties
Stools can be used in the backyard, especially during parties for placing tubs filled with ice, for serving beverages. Besides, the stools can also be aligned in a straight line for keeping numerous dishes, serving a full buffet at a party.

A stool is a versatile piece of furniture. It can be used in numerous ways and different places. These are light in weight and thus can be carried around easily. One can think of multiple ways to use a stool, including all of the above-mentioned points.

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