Top 5 Challenges You'll Face While Developing An App In 2018

Developing an app is not an easy task. The mobile app startups face big challenges while creating an app. Their main challenge is to satisfy the customers. Fast updates are needed in the apps because the mobile app market is very competitive.

The developers face huge challenges while creating an app. If you are planning to create an app, your focus should be on ‘what not to do’ and on ‘what to do’.

To satisfy this, today we are going to focus on the 5 challenges you will face while developing an app in 2018.

1. Create An App That Gets Noticed

The mobile app development market is very competitive. There are many app development companies in the market creating similar apps. To make your app get noticed, you have to make something really attractive for the customers.

Before creating an app you have to find out

  • your targeted customers,

  • what you want to make,

  • what will be the price of the app,

  • what extra feature you are going to add in the app that is not available in the market etc.

You have to continue updating your app which is already there in the market according to the need of the users. This is important so that the app does not get lost in the market.

2. Getting Funds And Investment For The App

The biggest challenge to develop an app is to get the startup funded. You need a really good communication skill to convince the investors for fundings. If the funding is more, they will be able to invest it for creating the app faster and can also use the money for marketing. Then your company will survive in the long run in this competitive market. Before that, you need to keep in mind some following things before approaching.

  • Strengthen your communication skill before approaching the investors for sharing the idea about the app.

  • Research about the competition available in the market for the app.

  • Create a logo and a proper presentation to show the investors that you have already done your homework and you are very serious about the project.

  • If you hear ‘no’ don’t be disappointed ask the investors what are the changes they can do to improve their project. You should learn what are the flaws you have while presentation.

After making the app you need to raise funds or profits from the app. When you will launch the app in the market for free, many users will enjoy free apps. To raise funds, some companies give money for showing the ads in the app. The app companies give options to the users for ads free app. If the users pay an amount for the app then the ads will not be shown. The many app owners call it premium membership. This is a great way to raise funds.

3. Create Apps For Different Devices

In today's market, there are the variety of devices. If you are creating an app you should not consider the recently launched devices. You should create an app according to both the old and new devices.

There are mainly 3 types of system iOS, Android, Cross Platform, and Windows. You need to consider these three systems to create an app as it has its own UI objects and patterns.  

The apps sometimes consume more battery life of the device. The users face big problems. While creating an app battery life should be kept in mind.

4. Create Interactive Apps

The available device in the market has high-tech sensors that offer many opportunities. The app developers need to develop an app to create most possible use of the sensors.

Developing interactive app is very tough but it is very important to develop it. It needs more time and effort to create it.

Interactive features within the app are like shaking, tilting and flipping. The app response as per the position, environment, and direction of the device.

5. Create An App, Keeping It Simple And Clear

You need to create an app which is simple and clear to understand by the users. If the users find the app difficult to understand and complex then they might uninstall the app. The app should be clear in visual. If the app looks complex then the users won't use the app which the app developers don’t want.


Creating an app is a big challenge nowadays. To create a successful app you have to deal with many challenges. But it's upon you, how you will deal with the challenges and what your dedication is towards your business to reach the success for your app.


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