Why Do Thousands of Investors choose ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund (G)?

ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund (G) is a highly appreciated fund which has decorated the portfolio of thousands of investors. It has a gigantic AUM of Rs 28,744 crore as on 31st May 2018. The reason why it has been able to win the trust of investors is the portfolio which suits a majority of investors and strong background support of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. The successful past performance adds a cherry on the cake to the trust of investors. ICICI Prudential AMC is one of the largest Mutual fund asset management companies in India. It is trusted by most of the mutual fund investors who have successfully gained wealth from its schemes. ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund has AUM of more than Rs 28,000 crore as of 31st May 2018.

Category of ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund (G)

It is a balanced fund which comes under the category of hybrid mutual funds. The fund has a majority of corpus allocation towards equity instruments which makes it the aggressive scheme that can generate better returns. The debt instruments help to stabilize the NAV and to nullify the effect of volatility in equity market on the NAV of the scheme. The fund manager allocates 60-70% of the corpus in equity instruments and 30-40% of that in debt instruments. The equity instruments comprise of companies of the diversified sector. The debt instruments are commercial papers, bonds, and securities with average maturity of 2.41 years.

Performance Analysis

The fund has rewarded the investors with an annualized return of 18.2% in last five years and 14.9% in 2 years. Since its launch in November 1999, it has generated an annualized return of 14.49%. It has fulfilled the objective of long-term capital gain and has provided sufficient returns in the long run. Units bought with Rs 10,000 in ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund five years ago are valued at Rs 23,082 today. CRISIL Hybrid 35+65 Aggressive is the benchmark of this scheme which has been beaten up many times by the scheme. Due to the recent downfall in the equity market, the fund has not been able to perform up to the mark but is set to perform well in the future. (data as of 27th June 2018)

Fund Managers

The fund is managed by three senior fund managers at ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund who are highly talented and well qualified for the job.
Sankaran Naren: He is the equity wizard who is managing the fund since December 2015. He is also the Cheif Investment Officer at ICICI Prudential AMC. He has worked with prominent financial firms like HDFC Securities, Refco Sify Securities, and Yoha Securities. He is an alumnus of IIT Chennai and IIM Kolkata.
Manish Banthia: Mr. Banthia is a B.Com, MBA, and CA and possesses 15 years of experience in various financial firms. He is managing this scheme since September 2013.
Atul Patel: Mr. Patel is a B.Com, CA and CWA. He has abundant of experience in national as well as international financial firms. He is managing the scheme since August 2016.

Because of the investment in equity and debt instruments the fund is suitable for a majority of investors. The investor can grab the benefits of the equity market more safely as the debt instruments minimize the volatility of the market. The fund is advisable to the new investors who are not certain of the risk factor they can handle. This fund provides a balance between risk and returns and provides a perfect platform for the long-term wealth creation and appreciation.

Read the article to study the detailed description about ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund.

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